The Cadillac Diaries: Episode 82

Evelyn Caine watched as the last dancer left the stage to a shower of wolf whistles and lewd comments. Relaxed in her private booth, she turned her attention to the waitresses as they moved among the tables taking drink orders, private dance requests and calls for anything else the girls were supposed to peddle.

“Sheep, every one of them,” Caine sneered.

“Rich and generous sheep,” Ashton added as he approached. Ashton was Caine’s second-in-command, her head of security.

She had promoted him to the position after he effectively handled an internal affairs problem for her. One of her girls had decided to quit and settle down with Caine’s head of security at the time. Said they wanted to start a family.

“How boring,” Caine had thought.

When King called for an example to be made of them, Caine had sent Ashton to deal with it. His response was a private execution, murdering the family and setting their bodies on fire. King handled the cleanup, and loyalty went through the roof. Nobody crossed King after that. If you were in, you were in for life.

“That’s why we keep our sheep happy,” Caine said.

Evelyn Caine took a moment and admired Ashton’s tan, toned body. With her eyes, she traced the lines of his body until her eyes met his.

“We’ve know each other long enough, Ashton. When are you going to tell me your last name?” Caine asked.

“King’s the one who hired me. That’s up to him. I kind of like having just the one name. A bit mysterious,” he smiled.

“But I’m your boss,” Caine said coquettishly.

“If you want my last name, you’re going to have to force it out of me,” Ashton said playfully.

Caine cooed just as the lights went down and the crowd began to applaud.

“You think it’s true?” Caine asked.

“What’s that?” Ashton replied.

“The police were just here. They wanted to protect me from that clown that’s been on a killing spree,” Caine explained. “Rumor has it, he’s avenging the family I had you take care of.”

“Which family?” Ashton asked coolly.

“You know. That girl who used to dance here. I don’t remember her name, but her stage name was Amber,” Caine said.

“Oh her,” Ashton said.  “Honestly, who can say. I’ll tell you one thing, though. That clown’s not connected to the family. They’re gone. I saw to it myself.”

“So we’re safe?” Caine asked.

“Nothing to worry about. This place is locked up tight. Nobody’s getting in here tonight. Not even that killer clown,” Ashton smirked.

Caine snickered as music began to fill the club.

“Who’s up now?” Caine asked.

“Cinnamon,” Ashton replied.

“Cinnamon? No. The lighting’s not right,” Caine said.

“What are you talking about? The lights always go down,” Ashton argued.

“Not with Cinnamon,” Caine insisted. “She has poor night vision. The stage lights should be brighter, at least enough for her to see.”

Caine squinted, straining to see the dark stage. Just then a tall girl dressed in a skimpy sailor suit came rushing up to Caine’s booth. She was out of breath and angry.

“Cinnamon?” Caine exclaimed. “What are you doing up here? You’re supposed to be on stage.”

“That’s what I came to tell you,” Cinnamon said in between gasps. “I don’t know what’s going on. Somebody locked me in the dressing room and took my place on stage.”

Cinnamon turned and looked down at the stage.

“I don’t know who that is, but they’re going to pay,” she growled.

Caine felt her muscles tense as the music grew louder.

In sync with the music, the stage lights came on. Caine froze when she saw Captain Bonkers on stage holding an AK-47. Without a word, he sprayed the crowd with rounds, killing everyone near the stage before ejecting the clip after 10 seconds and loading a new one.

“We need to get you out of here now!” Ashton snapped, grabbing Caine’s arm.

“Get the girls out of here!” Ashton yelled to Cinnamon.

As Ashton grabbed Caine and headed for the back door of the club, he saw Bonkers empty a second clip then throw down the AK-47. Pulling out two pistols, Bonkers stepped down from the stage.

“Don’t worry! I always have a car waiting,” Ashton reassured Caine. “We’ll get you out before he can find you.”

When they reached the back door and found it locked, Ashton quickly tried his key but the lock wouldn’t budge.

He started pounding on the door and yelling.

“Drake! Drake! Open the door!”

No one responded so Ashton turned to Caine and ordered,

“Get to your office and lock the door!”

Ashton turned and headed back toward the stage.

Before Caine reached her office, she heard someone behind her say,

“You need to get out of here! It’s not safe!”

Turning toward the voice, she saw a girl with long red hair and eyes of two different colors.

“You!” Caine said just before the girl knocked her out.


*          *          *


His pistol leveled, Ashton crept back to the main room in search of Bonkers.

“I’m not afraid of you,” he announced, moving towards the front.

Just as he breached the front doorway, he stopped when he saw the carnage. Dead bodies were scattered all across the floor.  As his eyes darted back and forth, searching for Bonkers, he noticed the smell of gasoline.

“He killed everyone here?” Ashton asked in surprise.

Suddenly a gunshot rang out and pain tore up Ashton’s leg as he fell to the floor. When he touched the wound at the back of his knee, blood covered his hand.

Hearing someone approach, he turned to see Captain Bonkers standing over him. Before he could get off a shot, Bonkers had twisted the gun from his hand and struck him across the head.  In a daze, Ashton felt himself being dragged across the floor and up onto the stage. The smell of gasoline grew stronger.

When his head cleared, he saw that he was tied to a chair with Bonkers standing over him, staring at him with empty eyes.

“It’s you, isn’t it?” Ashton asked

Bonkers gave no answer.

“You know, your wife wasn’t much of a talker either. She used to just lie there,” Ashton cackled, trying to stir up Bonkers and make him lose control, weaken him.

Bonkers was unresponsive.

Trying again, Ashton laughed.

“I knew I should’ve stayed that night, but I had a date. She wasn’t even worth it, said she wanted to wait till she was married.”

Bonkers pulled out a pistol and held it steady on Ashton.

“So this is it, huh,” Ashton asked. “An eye for an eye? I shot and burned your family, so you’re going to do the same?”

Ashton laughed, “I guess that’s fair.”

Bonkers put the gun in his pocket and moved a few steps away. Twisting his head to watch, Ashton saw him pouring out gasoline in a line leading right up to the chair he was tied to.

Then Bonkers stood in front of Ashton holding the gas can.

“That’s cold,” Ashton said.  “Not even going to shoot me first? Just douse me and let me burn?”

Bonkers turned the gas can over and emptied it in front of Ashton, taking care not to splash any on his victim.

Then tossing the can to the side, Bonkers walked away leaving Ashton encircled by gasoline.

He stopped at the stage door, picked up a Molotov cocktail then lit the rag and threw it out into the seats.

As the fire quickly spread, Ashton yelled after him,

“I’ll tell your wife and kid you said hello.”

Suddenly Ashton’s laughter turned to screams as Bonkers kept walking.

Passing the dressing room, Bonkers stopped for a moment and looked at the padlocked door. He could hear the girls on the other side pounding and screaming to be let out while fire consumed the building.

As he exited the building through the back door which now stood open, he headed to a car parked just outside. Its driver lay dead on the pavement, and tied up in the back seat slumbered an unconscious Evelyn Caine unaware of the nightmare that awaited her.

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