Dragon Fire: Episode 80

Each step took Kimli the troll closer to his destination and farther away from the battle that raged in Ethion, the city of his master’s death and rebirth. Each step drew him closer to the place where his brother had died at the hands of the fire breather.

Kimli and his brother Undall had failed to keep the fire breather imprisoned until the master could take possession of his new form, the man that Kimli now carried over his shoulder. Perhaps when he discovered that Kimli had taken the body to Copperhead Camp for safekeeping, the master would show mercy to Kimli.

As the troll plodded down the road, the man began to stir.

“We almost there,” Kimli assured him.

At the top of the next hill, Kimli stopped and looked out over what was once Copperhead Camp. Now its stone walls lay in great crumbling piles, like a forgotten vestige.

“Soon you be safe. Master forgive Kimli that fire breather get away.”

He missed his brother Undall. They were the last of the trolls. With a deep sigh, Kimli said,

“Master bring back brother.”

He shifted the man’s weight and started down the hill to the river that ran past Copperhead Camp, separating it from the rest of the world.

Just before he stepped into the current, Kimli took the man in his hands, lifting him into the air.

“Must keep Master’s new body safe,” he said as the water rose to his waist.

When he reached the opposite bank, he shook off the water and reminded himself of his hope.

“Must please Master. Master forgive. Bring back brother.”

* * *

Degan moaned and reached up to touch his aching jaw. The last thing he remembered was a great troll striking him, knocking him to the ground. He lifted his head and saw that he was being carried by the troll toward what looked like the remains of a castle.

“Where am I?” he asked.

“Safe place,” the troll answered.

When Degan struggled to get free, the troll only tightened his grip.

“No!” Kimli snapped. “Kimli keep you safe!”

“Release me at once!” Degan demanded.

“Must keep you safe. You hide here till Master come,” Kimli explained.

Degan fought against the strength of the troll but to no avail.

Kimli walked over to the opening where the fire breather had escaped.

“You hide here. Master come for you,” he repeated.

“Please, no!” Degan pleaded.

Kimli turned his hand over and released Degan, dropping him into the deep hole. As he plummeted to the bottom, Degan frantically reached out, trying to grasp something and stop his fall. His body flipped over and over until he finally landed, crashing into a pile of bones and charred bodies.

“Stay there till Master come for you,” Kimli ordered.

Certain the master would be pleased, Kimli turned and walked away. Just as he reached the bank of the river, the ground began to quake.

Frightened and confused, Kimli whirled around and ran back to Copperhead Camp.

* * *

Atol watched with wonder as roots wrapped like armor around the summoner Nyriad, lifting her from the ground, then he readied himself for the battle.

He waited to call down Idrian, fearful he would call her too soon. He knew she was courageous, ready to fight, but he wished to force the summoner to show all her powers. He would fight against them then call in Idrian to prevail.

Atol felt Olon press against his leg. He saw that his little friend was frightened but would not leave his side.

“If you must flee for your life, do it now,” Atol said. “I will guard your escape.”

When he saw that Olon remained, he steeled himself, took a deep breath and began running full speed towards Nyriad.

Stretching his legs out to full length, he saw that Olon was right behind him, keeping pace. When he was within range, Atol leapt at Nyriad aiming for her throat. But before he could reach her, a large branch hurled him aside, knocking him to the ground.

As he struggled to rise, he saw Idrian spiral down and land, shaking the ground beneath her. Turning toward Nyriad, she sent out a great roar.

Nyriad stumbled backwards at the force but quickly recovered and swung out at Idrian.

Idrian moved out of the way then lashed out with her powerful tail, striking Nyriad’s armor and knocking her backward. As Nyriad struggled to pull herself up, Olon leapt from the ground, seized one of the vines of Nyriad’s armor then burrowed deep beneath the ground, pinning Nyriad’s arm. With her enormous claws, Idrian slashed at the roots encircling Nyriad.

As Idrian tore away the armor, Nyriad cried out for help.

* * *

Across the field, Cerros fought Edron hand-to-hand, staying close to keep Edron from striking the ground with his hammer and sending out another shock wave.

When Edron heard his sister’s cry, he pushed Cerros back then turning to face Idrian, he raised his hammer overhead and slammed it down to the earth. The force of the blow tore through the ground and knocked Idrian onto her side.

Raising his hammer again, he raced toward Idrian to strike her. Cerros roared and chased after him, knocking him to the ground. As the two men fought, Idrian tried to recover and rise again.

“If I must drag you to death myself, this day will be your end!” Cerros shouted to Edron.

Edron dropped his hammer, and clapped his hands on either side of Cerros’ head, stunning him just long enough to pull a knife from Cerros’ belt and plunge it into his leg. Removing his hand from the handle of the knife, Edron pushed Cerros away then took up his hammer.

Cerros quickly regained his footing and ignoring the pain in his leg began to whirl his chain overhead. Lashing out, he wrapped it around Edron’s hammer.

Edron struggled to pull it free as Cerros pulled back. Driven by his sister’s cries for help, Edron used all his strength, pulled back on the hammer and slammed it into the ground.

The blast of the force threw Cerros back causing him to lose the chain and his sword.

Then Edron turned toward Idrian and slammed the hammer, knocking her down once again.

Turning to face Cerros, he growled, “I am done with you.”

Struggling to get to his feet, Cerros knew he could not reach his sword or chain in time, and his damaged ax was of little use. As Edron raised the hammer yet again, Cerros thought of his wife and child who had gone before him.

As he closed his eyes and prepared to die, the stone around his neck began to hum.

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