Dragon Fire: Episode 79

“Please,” Aric pleaded with the captain, “let us sheathe our swords.”

“We are under orders from the king to arrest you for the murder of Prince Alidus,” the captain barked.

Just then the wind picked up as raindrops bounced off the iron blades of the swords, splashing onto the water-worn cobblestones. Aric knew well the fighting skill of these men. Alone, he had little hope of victory. Prince Alidus was now doubtless engaged in battle with the creature for he had not followed Aric up the shaft.

“Prince Alidus is alive, trapped just below our feet in the cave as he fights the creature beneath us. If you will but help me clear the shaft, you will see.”

“Enough!” the captain yelled as he swung his blade down toward Aric.

Aric blocked the strike and parried it out of the way. Gripping a sword in each hand, he told himself to keep moving. The guards must not overcome him. Quickly turning, Aric leapt up, landing on the fountain, then climbed to the top, a cowardly move that would give him only a few seconds. He hoped it would be enough time to search for a narrow passageway and force the guards to attack one at a time.

Aric sprang from the fountain’s spire and fled to the opposite end of the courtyard, hoping to draw the soldiers away from the fountain.

When the front guard swung out with his blade, Aric turned to ward off the blow, striking the soldier across the face. The guard stumbled backwards and fell into the advancing men, knocking them backwards.

Another guard rushed forward, striking down with his sword. Aric lowered his body, narrowly missing the blade, then whirled the soldier around and quickly raised his sword blade to the guard’s throat.

Instantly the other guards stopped their advance.

“I do not wish to harm any man, but I will in the name of the true king. There is a passage that runs under this city. The entrance is just beyond the fountain. This passage must be cleared so that Prince Alidus may rise and reclaim his throne,” Aric insisted.

The captain of the guard studied Aric for a moment as he considered. Then he gave the order.

“Two of you go and search for this passage. We shall soon see if he speaks a fool’s tale.”

Two guards broke away from the group and moved back towards the fountain.

“If nothing is there, you will release him and go willingly?” the captain asked.

“On my honor,” Aric answered.

* * *

As Alidus sent out a burst of fire, the monster Hannable retreated into the cavern.

“You must kill him, my son,” Genfyre announced.

“I cannot do this. He is a man and a father,” Alidus insisted.

“Long ago, he was. But now, he lies prisoner in his own body. Like me, he is tormented by mistakes of the past.”

When Alidus heard a low growl, he looked up to see the creature once again approaching the den entrance. But with another burst of fire, Alidus drove him back into the darkness of the deep cavern.

“He will not return soon,” Alidus said.

“Neither will he retreat,” Genfyre informed. “The animal never yields.”

“Is he not yielding now?” Alidus asked.

“No, my son. He will not stop charging until you are destroyed,” Genfyre said.

Alidus knew how to stop the creature, but Genfyre would not survive the burst of flames.

Sensing his apprehension, Genfyre said,

“I have lived a long life, my son. Committed many faults. Do not lay the burden of your soul as well on my shoulders. Like Hannable, I seek peace, and you have the power to give it.”

“But—,” Alidus began.

“There is no time. Your friend needs your help. If you do not act quickly, you will fail him as I have failed Hannable.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Alidus closed his eyes filling his mind with tranquility. He could sense the air around him begin to heat up.

“Tell Cerros,” Genfyre said, “that Hannable has finally found peace.”

As Alidus opened his eyes and burst into flames, he saw the creature running toward him at full speed. When he looked down at Genfyre one last time, the old man lifted his face and with a weak smile said,

“I shall tell your mother all about her son the hero.”

Alidus then turned his head away and closed his eyes.

* * *

When the guards reached the fountain, they abruptly stopped, peering into the water.

“Sir,” one called out.

“What is it?” the captain answered, keeping his eyes on Aric.

“The fountain, sir. The water is. . . ,” the guard trailed off.

“Is what?” the captain demanded.

“It is boiling, sir,” the guard said.

Annoyed, the captain turned away from Aric to face the fountain. Before he could take a step forward to see for himself, a tendril of black smoke-like energy struck him in the back, causing him to convulse for a moment. When he looked back at Aric, his eyes were lifeless and he sneered,

“That is of no matter. Kill him.”

The other guards hesitated, questioning what they had heard.

“Kill him!” the captain snapped. “At once!”

Amazed by the boiling water, one of the guards at the fountain said,

“Sir, the stones are beginning to crack, and they are as though on fire.”

“I do not care!” the devilish captain said. “I will kill him myself.”

As the captain stamped over to Aric, the fountain was suddenly engulfed in a column of flame that shot upwards above the castle walls.

Aric held up his hand to shield his eyes from the blinding light, but for a brief moment, he saw a man floating up inside the column of flame.

Through his fingers, Aric watched as the captain and guards turned to face the column of fire. He saw that the man floating in the flames was Prince Alidus.

Like a wisp of smoke, Alidus touched down lightly on the cobblestones. His eyes still burning embers, he commanded Aric to release the guard.

When Aric removed his blade and pushed the guard away, Alidus turned to the captain and guards.

“Drop your weapons,” he ordered.

The courtyard was filled with the ring of iron hitting stone as many of the guards obeyed.

“I will not ask again,” Alidus said to those who hesitated.

The rest of the guards dropped their swords, but the crazed captain held his and turned to face Alidus.

“I refuse to obey the orders from some hedge-born son of a devil,” he spat.

“You will,” Alidus returned.

Instantly, a column of fire exploded upwards from beneath the defiant captain, transforming him into a pile of ash.

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