The Prophet of Starfall: Episode 8

When Jericho and Nathan had driven out of sight, 4 21 turned to Elisabeth and saw that she was still watching the road.

“You need not fear for Jericho’s safety. He is a brave soldier and wise leader,” 4 21 assured her.

“It’s not that,” Elisabeth responded.

4 21 studied her face for a moment then said,

“The other one? I do not understand. Jericho is clearly the more powerful of the two. It’s my understanding that the females of this planet are drawn to the most powerful male figure.”

“What? . . . No!” Elisabeth snapped. “I’m just a little worried about him. He’s like a puppy. All energy and no caution.”

“Infatuation can be a hindrance, a distraction, and I need you clearheaded on this playing field,” 4 21 said before lifting into the air.

Elisabeth glanced back in the direction Nathan and Jericho had disappeared then spread her wings and shot straight up after 4 21.

Once she caught up with him, they flew side by side in silence until they passed over the grounds of Thymatec Laboratories.

“So what’s the plan?” she asked.

“We need to safely infiltrate the facility, get in and out without being spotted. We’ll be behind enemy lines, so to speak, so we must move with absolute caution and stealth. If we are caught or even seen, the enemy will know we are onto him, and he’ll alter his plans or call a full retreat.”

“So basically, we need to work undercover,” she said.

Far beneath them, Elisabeth spotted two men in hazmat suits walking across the grounds toward the main building.

“Gotcha,” she said.

Pointing to the men below them, she told 4 21,

“Hold on.”

She collapsed her wings and swooped down at full speed towards the two men. Coming up behind them, she reached out, grabbed them by the back of their necks and lifted into the air.

As they watched the ground grow farther away, the men screamed out in terror.

Elisabeth tried to say something to 4 21, but the men’s wild screaming drowned out her voice.

“Quiet or I will drop you!” she ordered.

When their cries died down to a whimper, Elisabeth looked over at 4 21 and asked,

“Now what?”



*          *          *



The doors of Ian McAddams’ club The Emerald Garden had been open for just one hour and already a line was forming around the block. Jericho and Nathan pulled their bikes into parking spaces across the street and cut the engines.

“The Emerald Garden is actually two clubs in one,” Nathan said. “On the bottom level, you got your standard club with loud bass, heavy music, and a front entrance. The second level has a soundproof floor, and it’s accessible only through the back. The club is like a fifty-cent piece, a different face based on your side of approach.”

“McAddams may not have powers, Nathan, but he’s proven himself to be far more dangerous than most meta humans I’ve dealt with,” Jericho warned.

“What are you saying?” Nathan asked.

“Just be careful,” Jericho cautioned.

“Right,” Nathan returned.

“Do you think you can get into the bottom level while I search for McAddams on the second floor?” Jericho asked.

“No problem,” Nathan answered.

“Okay. Let’s go,” Jericho said.

Reaching to start his bike, he asked, “What was the name of that guy at Thymatec who was working for McAddams? I have a plan to shake some information out of him.”

“Braden Cole,” Nathan answered.

“Excellent,” Jericho said as he gunned the engine and drove away.

Nathan waited until Jericho had turned the corner and headed for the back of the club before he climbed off his motorcycle. Closing his eyes, he concentrated on the front door. As the seconds flew past, he saw the upcoming distraction that would work perfectly for him.

He opened his eyes and began counting down from 15 as he walked toward the front door.

“5,” Nathan said when two drunk men in the line began fighting.

“4,” he said as the bouncer yelled and stepped away from the door.

“3,” Nathan counted when two people in line tried to slip past the bouncer, forcing him to turn away from the street to stop them.

“2,” he whispered while opening the front door and stepping into the club.

“1,” Nathan said with a smile as the door closed behind him.

He looked around then crossed the lobby to the second door. Another bouncer spotted him and began watching his every move. At once Nathan knew what he needed to do.

“Hey, buddy. I’m with Carl. He’s here for his bachelor party. That idiot left his wallet at home,” Nathan laughed, rolling his eyes.

The bouncer paused for a moment then stepped aside opening the door.

As music filled the room, red, green, and yellow lasers danced across the ceiling. Somewhere in here, Nathan assumed, was a Carl celebrating his bachelor party.

“This could be fun,” he grinned.

Suddenly he was assaulted by names, dates, personal information of every person in the room. He clutched the sides of his head as the data came at him like a tidal wave.

“You okay?” someone shouted over the music.

A wave of nausea washed over Nathan and his legs trembled as the music and voices grew muffled and faraway.



*          *          *



When he came to, Nathan was standing in a long white hallway. He knew at once he was in one of the back halls in Thymatec’s research wing.

Seven doctors and three lab assistants waited in a room with chairs lining the walls. Nathan shivered from the cold.

“What are we doing here?” one of the men asked.

“Nick Heath,” Nathan thought.

“No idea,” a woman returned.

Nathan identified her as Eve Morgan.

“Does anyone know why we were called here?” a young man asked.

“And that’s Braden Cole,” Nathan told himself.

Suddenly a tall slim man entered the room from the hallway.

“You know why you’re here,” he said, looking at Cole.

“Me?” Cole asked.

Without another word, the man removed a silenced pistol from his coat and shot everyone in the room. As the bodies fell to the floor, the shooter walked over to Cole and for a moment watched him bleeding out.

“Please,” Cole begged.

“Traitor,” the man sneered before delivering the killing shot.


*          *          *


When Nathan snapped back to the club, he was lying on the floor, people circling around him.

“You all right, man?” one guy yelled.

“He’ll be just fine,” Otis Morton said, pushing aside the crowd. Right behind him stood Joseph Horton.

“Isn’t that right, little fox?” Morton asked looking down at Nathan.


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