The Train Episode 61

In the wake of Officer Morgan Lindsey’s kidnapping, Michael and Nicole found themselves no closer to discovering Cynthia Cooper’s killer. With little to go on, they decided to find Lindsey who seemed inexplicably connected to everything.

“Any idea where he lives?” Michael asked.

“None,” Nicole replied.

“Well we don’t have much choice but to learn what we can about him. Hopefully that will lead to whoever snatched him,” Michael figured.

“While you were talking to Lindsey back at the club, Dr. Ricer mentioned the precinct where he works. Maybe we should start there,” Nicole suggested.

“Good idea,” Michael said.

“Of course it is,” Nicole returned.

* * *

The precinct was a short walk from the nightclub where Cynthia Cooper worked, so Michael had little time to work out a plan. The moon was already cresting when they reached the steps of the police station. Since leaving the train, Michael had become so immersed in the character he had been playing that the days were beginning to run together.

He noticed that the few patrol cars parked outside were neatly lined up like ducks behind their mother.

“I think—” Michael began.

“You find his desk. I’ll infiltrate the records room,” Nicole interrupted.

Michael looked at her, considering the notion.

“I’m better at infiltration than you. The records room will be in a restricted part of the building. It’ll be easier for me to reach it. You just charm your way to his desk,” she explained.

Climbing the steps, Michael stopped at the front door and asked,

“Are you going to be okay?”

When no answer came, he turned to discover that Nicole had disappeared.

As he stepped inside the station, the first person he saw was the desk sergeant reading some papers stacked on his desk. Michael’s thoughts began to speed up.

Getting past a Sentry:

Step 1: Choose an approach.

Deception. Lying is a good way to get past guards, bouncers, or manned gates. Depends on exploitation of what the sentry does not know.

Seduction. Sexually enticing someone through charm, attraction and light physical contact. Get them interested and keep them interested. Don’t move too quickly or too slowly.

Bribery. Sentries are usually underpaid, unappreciated, overlooked employees. Simply offer them something that balances out their being fired or reprimanded.

Step 2: Act Natural.

Behave as if you belong, as if you’re expected. Don’t slow down or ask for directions. You’re simply trying to do what you’ve always done, and there is no reason to think you shouldn’t be doing it. Sentries see a lot of people pass through the gates, so they usually don’t bother to remember or recognize anyone. Exploit this advantage.

Step 3: Don’t hang your head or try not to be noticed.

The more you act as if you aren’t doing anything wrong, the better your chances. But don’t overdo it and end up drawing their attention. If they stop you and question you, laugh it off. If they catch you in a lie, tell an even bigger one to cover it up.

Michael immediately dismissed seduction and bribery, figuring deception was his best option.

The desk sergeant was an overweight man in his forties with thinning hair and dark circles under his eyes, probably from too many nights sitting up staring at a door that never opened.

“I can’t believe they have me working this late,” Michael fussed as he approached.

The desk sergeant squinted through smudged eyeglasses and took in a breath to say something. Without giving him a chance to speak, Michael dove right in. Experience had taught him that in some cases, the hard and fast approach gets the target off guard and keeps them there.

“Stellan Stackhouse, FBI,” Michael said, using the name from a crime drama that would air in about 50 years’ time. “I’m supposed to meet with an Officer Lindsey about a kidnapping that carried over state lines. He at his desk?”

Michael spotted the door leading back to the desks and pointed,

“Never mind. I’ll check.”

When the desk sergeant started to respond, Michael added,

“Doing a great job. Keep up the good work. We’re watching you.”

He turned toward the door and walked away, letting out a deep breath.

“Haven’t done that in a while,” he thought. “I missed it.”

Michael searched the desks and finally found one with a metal nameplate for Officer Morgan Lindsey. As luck would have it, most of the officers were out covering the streets, so Michael sat in the chair and started going through the drawers.

“Guess there’s no need for a night shift when you have a crime boss running things,” he laughed under his breath.

Except for a discarded soda bottle and a brown apple core, the trash can looked empty. But when Michael grabbed a pencil and shifted the contents, he saw a crumpled up piece of paper. Lifting it out of the trash with the pencil’s point, he opened it up and read.

“Don’t try anything stupid, Lindsey. Remember I was there that night, so I know you were involved. If you turn stoolie on me, I’ll take you down. Armstrong’s dead. He can’t save you now. Just deal with the girl. She’s the only witness. Do this and we’re square.”

Michael folded the note and shoved it into his pocket.

Pushing back from the desk, he mumbled,

“I’ve got to find Nicole!”

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