The Train Episode 60

Officer Morgan Lindsey carefully considered what Michael had suggested. He decided to listen, see what the gumshoe knew. What could it hurt?

“I was following Wilson, tailing him, and saw him go into the warehouse. I knew he was meeting with Armstrong because a few minutes after he walked in, I saw one of Armstrong’s goons. . .”

Michael paused pretending to struggle with the name.

“Um. . .Luther, the little troll, talking to a guy about 6 foot, light brown hair. Luther led this guy back into the warehouse. A few minutes later, I heard a burst of gunfire and that same man came running out onto the street.”

“So there was a survivor,” Lindsey considered.

“Yep,” Michael confirmed. “No idea what those two were talking about, but that guy zipped out of there and ran like a rabbit chasing a balloon.”

Lindsey started to respond but stopped, looking confused.


Just then, Michael saw Dr. Ricer trying to get his attention.

“Gotta go, but if you find that man, let me know. I’ll be here. Pretty sure he’s after the siren,” Michael said, nodding toward Cynthia Cooper.

Lindsey didn’t know what to make of this guy. He watched as Michael hurried over to a small older man who looked like he belonged in a stuffy old library poring over dusty books.



*          *          *


“What did you do?” Ricer asked uneasily.

“I was just trying to get information out of him,” Michael said.

“Well I hope it was good because things have shifted again. Now Cynthia Cooper is found dead along with two men, Officer Lindsey and an unidentified male,” Ricer said.

“Any idea who he might be?” Michael asked.

“I’ve got a pretty good idea,” Ricer said glaring at Michael.

“ME?” Michael exclaimed.

“Yes, and now it no longer happens on New Year’s Eve. It happens tomorrow night,” Ricer added with frustration.

Michael looked back at Lindsey who was just leaving the club.

“Who is that guy?”



*          *          *


Michael quickly pulled on his fedora and slipped out of the club, maintaining a safe distance behind Lindsey. Hard to believe that a few minutes’ conversation with Lindsey had changed things so drastically.

“The future has jumped from Cynthia Cooper and her son being killed to just Cynthia and now Cynthia, Lindsey and me. Cooper must be mixed up in something pretty serious to get this kind of attention,” he thought.

“Lindsey must be connected with whoever’s going to kill Copper. He’s either there when she’s killed or he’s the one who kills her. But who kills him and me?” Michael murmured under his breath.

Steadily keeping his eyes on Lindsey, Michael tried to consider everything, think logically. Suddenly, he felt the hairs stand up on his neck.

He stopped, turned around slowly, and began scanning the area behind him.

“Only three places to hide when tailing someone,” Michael said. “Might as well come on out. I know you’re there.”

After a few moments of silence, Michael shrugged off his paranoia and turned back toward Lindsey.

The second he turned, he stumbled backwards with surprise. There was Nicole, standing in front of him, one eyebrow raised.

“Dang,” Michael exclaimed.

“Boo,” Nicole said softly.

“What are you doing here?” he asked as he composed himself.

“Ricer thought you might need some backup since we know someone is going to shoot you. If I’m with you, they’ll never get the chance,” Nicole explained.

“Makes sense. We need to see how connected to this whole thing Lindsey really is. Clearly he ruffles enough feathers to get himself and Cynthia Cooper killed,” Michael said getting back to following Lindsey.

“He also gets you killed,” Nicole reminded him as she walked alongside.

“Yes that too,” Michael agreed, trying not to focus on that point.

“Any idea who is responsible?” Nicole asked.

“Not a clue,” Michael said. “I never was any good at picking out the villain. I’ve got this cousin who’s an actor. He was always good at picking out the bad guy. Wish he were here.”

“Really,” Nicole mumbled, not paying attention.

Michael knew she wasn’t really listening but he wasn’t bothered. She had her eyes on Lindsey. Michael had a habit of talking when he was bored or nervous, annoying but something that had helped him in some tight spots.

“With Armstrong out of the way, there’s only two solid suspects left,” Michael said. “Claire Ross, the angry wife, and Curt Krosby, the boy’s possible father. Cynthia Cooper has been sending out letters to different men saying they are the father of Lincoln or Kenneth or whatever his name is.”

“Ricer explained the boy’s name,” Nicole said. “Wilson felt the name Kenneth wasn’t strong enough, so he started calling him Lincoln.”

“Right. Like Terry is a manly name,” Michael sneered.

After a few more steps, Lindsey stopped at a car and removed his keys. But before he could unlock the car door, two men rushed him from the alley and grabbed him. As he struggled against their grip, another car sped up to the curb and someone inside threw open the back door. The two men tossed Lindsey into the back seat, jumped in, and the car sped away before Michael or Nicole could react.

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