The Prophet of Starfall: Episode 4

Puzzled by Jericho’s suggestion, Ethan studied Nathan’s face as though the answer were written there.

“You can see the future?” he asked.

As the last of the fog lifted from Nathan’s mind, he began to piece things together.

“If this is a dream, best to play it out to its conclusion and then wake up. Until then, I may be stuck here.”

“The immediate future. I saw them throwing Elisabeth off the building minutes before it happened, and just now I knew what you three were going to do before you did it,” Nathan explained.

“Have you ever seen something that did not come true?” Ethan asked.

“Yes, I have,” Nathan said. “Earlier I saw a man drawing his pistol, but when it actually happened, his associate stopped him. I didn’t do anything to prevent him drawing his gun at that moment.”

“Well it sounds as though what you see is the probable future. What is likely to happen. But the future is never decided until it becomes the present.”

“Wait a minute,” Elizabeth interrupted. “You said he may have come from another dimension and that would explain why he’s suddenly able to do so much without knowing how. What did you mean?”

“Long ago,” Ethan began, “magic was the dominate force of the universe. But with the advancement of technology, science became a driving force. The more powerful it became, the more it conflicted with magic. Science sought to explain everything whereas magic relied on faith. Like two growing siblings squabbling for room in a small bed, their struggle began to damage the fabric of the universe. They finally tore the universe into pieces, each taking half. Those pieces became what we call dimensions, some governed by science, others by magic. If Mr. Nichols comes from a world governed by science and enters our world governed by magic, he may find himself with abilities he did not have before.”

His brows furrowed, Jericho looked lost.

“What a minute. I only got parts of that. I’m no genius, but—”

“You have an IQ of 110,” Nathan interrupted.

Nathan shook his head and apologized,

“Sorry. It’s reflex.”

“I understood it,” Elisabeth said. “Basically, if he comes from a world with no magic to a world with magic, any dormant abilities may suddenly become active.”

“Oh,” Jericho said with a smile. “Gotcha.”

Ethan locked eyes with Nathan.

“Mr. Nichols. . .Nathan, it is vital that you not make any major changes to the timeline. To do so could create devastating consequences. Have you made any major changes since you arrived?”

Without a word, Nathan turned his eyes to Elisabeth.

“What?” Elisabeth asked just before her face went pale. She looked up at the top of Crescent Bay Hotel then back to Nathan.

“I was supposed to die, wasn’t I?”

Nathan slowly nodded.

“This could be bad,” Ethan said. “It’s too late to fix things now, but perhaps we can steer this car back onto the road. Do you know what was supposed to happen after she died?”

“Yes,” Nathan said without pausing, “a truck carrying waste for disposal from Thymatec Labs is going to be stolen while moving down Coastal Road 720. Jericho was supposed to go from here to there and stop the theft.”

“Good,” Ethan said. “Jericho, go make certain the theft is stopped. Perhaps then the time line will be put back after what I hope is a minor hiccup.”

“I’ll handle it,” Jericho said heading off for his bike.

“Nathan and Elisabeth, you two go with him,” Ethan instructed. “Until I’m certain the time line is back on track, you need to make certain things happen as they were supposed to.”

Ethan turned away, took two steps then disappeared.

“Meet you there,” Elisabeth told Nathan as she spread her wings and lifted into the air.

* * *

It was just after midnight as Nathan sped through the city streets headed for Coastal Road 720. His thoughts were focused on reaching the waste disposal truck in time for Jericho to stop the theft. Each event had to play out just as it was supposed to. Any failure might cause the entire scenario to unravel. He was afraid to find out what would happen to this dream if everything fell into chaos.

Once he left the city limits, he passed Jericho on a curve, but when he reached the staightaway, Jericho accelerated and easily caught up. A few more turns and Jericho stopped about a mile or two away from the truck. Nathan could hear the crash of the waves up ahead.

“I don’t see any problem,” Jericho said as the truck drove quietly along.

Nathan scoured the road then pointed,


A maroon four door and a black truck were coming up fast behind the delivery truck, quickly gaining on it.

“Let’s go. I’ll handle the pick up,” Jericho said.

Suddenly the driver of the maroon car pulled out in front of the delivery truck and hit his brakes, blocking the road. Two men, each carrying an automatic rifle, jumped out of the car and yelled to the truck driver,

“Turn off the engine and step out.”

In a instant Elisabeth had landed atop the delivery truck, tucked in her wings, and drawn two pistols asserting,


As Nathan drove up, two more armed men climbed out of the maroon car and raised pistols to fire on Elisabeth. Pulling his motorcycle to a stop, he started walking towards the car, his mind sharp, his senses focused.

When Boyce, the driver of the car, saw Nathan approaching, he turned to fire on him, but Nathan stepped to his left as a burst of gunfire tore up the ground where he had been standing. Just as Kevin, another of the gunmen, turned from the front passenger side to take aim on Nathan, Elizabeth shot him in the shoulder, bringing him down to the pavement.

Boyce again fired at Nathan, but a quick step to the right and the bullets hit the grass. Boyce panicked as Nathan drew closer with each step. The two men with weapons trained on Elisabeth opened fire, but Elisabeth quickly dropped down flat on the top of the truck, sending the bullets bouncing off the truck and into the windshield.

Suddenly the black pickup behind the delivery truck flew up into the air in a high arc. Seizing the moment, Elisabeth quickly stood and opened her wings, moving them in a circular motion for lift. With a rush of air, she shot upward, did a 180, and pushed off the truck as it passed over. Firing towards the passenger side of the car, she landed with a thump behind Ryan, the man from the rear passenger’s side of the car.

Boyce kept firing and missing Nathan until he finally yelled,

“Somebody shoot him!”

Before Ryan could react to Elisabeth, she had swept his legs out from under him and in one fluid motion had grabbed his shirt and thrown him into a nearby tree.

“Anybody?” Boyce yelled as his rifle clicked empty.

Caleb, on the rear driver’s side, turned his rifle to Elisabeth, who shot him before he could take aim.

Boyce threw down his rifle and pulled a pistol from inside his coat. Just inches from Boyce, Nathan reached out, twisted the weapon from Boyce’s hand then punched him in the face. When Boyce grabbed his bloody broken nose, Nathan struck him acros the head with the gun.

“What happened to Jericho?” Elisabeth asked moving up beside Nathan.

“He’s dealing with the others,” Nathan replied.

When all six men had been tied up, Jericho checked on the driver of the waste disposal truck while they waited for the police to arrive.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“A little shook up but fine,” the frightened man responded.

Jericho looked at the delivery truck and a question formed in his mind. After a few moments, he asked the driver,

“Why would six well armed men want to steal a truck carrying chemical waste?”

The driver shrugged his shoulders as he wiped his forehead with a wrinkled hankerchief.

“I don’t know. I’m just the driver.”

As he walked over, Nathan asked the driver, “This truck isn’t carrying chemical waste, is it?”

The driver grew quiet and looked away.

“It’s carrying a biological weapon called the butterfly,” Nathan said.


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