The Prophet of Starfall: Episode 3

As Darren Gibbs pulled a pistol from his jacket, Fredrick Kirkland suddenly held out a hand to stop him.

“No. Boss wants this done quietly.”

For a moment, Gibbs kept his hand on the weapon then returned it to the holster.

“Sorry. Party’s off limits,” Kirkland told Nathan.

As the seconds bled away, Nathan began to panic. He had to act fast before they threw Elisabeth off the building to her death.

Looking from Kirkland to Gibbs, he pleaded,


When neither man responded, Nathan closed his eyes.

Focusing entirely on Elisabeth, a clear image came into his mind of him facing Kirkland and Gibbs. Like a movie in his head, he watched as each attempt to outmaneuver the bodyguards played out. All except one scenario was a failure.

Slowly Nathan opened his eyes and said,


Suddenly Nathan kicked out with his heavy black Dingo boot, striking Kirkland’s right knee. When the boot made contact, cracking the joint, Kirkland cried out in pain. Gibbs quickly pulled out his pistol, but Nathan sidestepped him, grabbing his wrist and twisting until he heard a pop. To throw him off balance, Nathan seized Gibbs’ shirt and then hurled him against the wall. With Kirkland cupping his knee and Gibbs unconscious on the floor, Nathan easily slid past and ran up the spiral staircase to the second floor.

Two men stood guard by the balcony. Otis Morton, the larger one, gripped a struggling Elisabeth over his head, while the other man Joseph Horton held the keys to the chains wrapped around her. Time was up, but Nathan wasn’t worried about what to do. The answers to that question were coming faster for him now. Like a dance he had rehearsed many times before, he reached over to the nearest table and picked up a glass ashtray. Taking three steps back, Nathan starting running. He jumped up on the nearest chair, leapt across to a table, and then flung the ashtray into the air in a lazy arc straight towards Horton. Bounding from one table to the next, he grew closer and closer to the balcony.

“Hey!” one of the men yelled as Nathan rushed past him.

“Good-bye little bird,” Morton sneered.

Horton turned to face the commotion and saw Nathan coming towards him.

“Throw her over,” he yelled.

As Nathan neared the balcony’s edge, the ashtray came down and struck Horton in the forehead, causing him to lurch backwards and toss the keys in the air. With one leap, Nathan was off the table and onto the balcony railing. He reached out with open hand, caught the keys to the chains, and then went over the balcony just a fraction of a second after Elisabeth.

With less than four seconds before they hit the ground, Nathan worked quickly to unlock and remove the padlock, loosening the chains binding Elisabeth. Once the chains fell away, she quickly pushed them off, grabbed Nathan’s outstretched hand, and spread her black bat wings. The abrupt stop almost pulled Nathan’s arm out of its socket. As she lowered him to the ground, he remembered that she could easily lift up to 80,000 pounds even in flight.

“This must be a dream.  No other explanation. I’m probably lying in a hospital bed right now suffering from the effects of the lightning strike,” he thought.

Once safely on the ground, Nathan stood still in emotional shock, transfixed by the ripples of the pool’s water as the breeze blew across its surface.

“I need to get back up there,” Elisabeth said. “Will you be okay?”

“They’ve already gone,” Nathan answered.

“We’ll see,” Elisabeth said spreading her wings and rising with a rush of air.

After a few minutes, she returned. Seething with anger, she yelled out,

“They’re gone!”

Nathan noticed that she had a gun belt with two holsters around her shoulder.

As she unhooked the clasp and slipped on the belt, she sighed,

“At least I got this back.”

After checking her weapons, semiautomatic 9mm pistols, she holstered them then turned toward Nathan.

“Who are you,” she asked, “and how did you know they’d be gone?”

Nathan lifted his head and stared at her with a glazed look in his eyes.

“This is the most realistic dream I’ve ever experienced,” he thought.

“Hey Buckshot!” Elisabeth barked. “What’s your name?”

“Nathan Nichols,” he answered, trying to sweep away the fog.

“Okay, Nathan Nichols, where do you come from? What are you doing here?” Elisabeth asked, searching his face for answers.

“I think he’s here to save you,” Jericho said as he entered the pool area.

“I already figured that out. What I’m wondering is why he threw himself off the roof of an 800 foot building just to save me. I’m thankful but a bit suspicious.”

“I tried to get here earlier, but this guy is tough to follow. You should have seen him on that motorcycle weaving through traffic, almost as if he knew where to turn. Are you Elisabeth?” Jericho said, all in one breath.

At the mention of her name, Nathan offered a stream of information.

“Elisabeth Heather Hayes. You just turned twenty-two. Your father is Ryan Howard Hayes. Your mother Vivian Hayes passed away recently, and you were investigating her death when you were captured by the men who just tried to kill you.”

Elisabeth put her hands on the hips of her yellow and black neoprene body suit and glared at Nathan.

“Have we met before?”

“I think he has abilities. I think he’s a super like us,” Jericho said.

“Then why is he just standing there?” Elisabeth asked.

Turning toward Jericho, she snapped,

“And who in the world are you anyway?”

“I apologize. I just met him. I’m Jericho,” he said, extending a hand.

“Jericho. Age thirty-six. You originally went by the name Jake Jericho, but you thought the name made you sound like a wrestler, so you dropped the Jake,” Nathan said quickly, as though reciting an encyclopedia entry.

“You are an orphan not because you lost your parents but because you never had any. Your real name is—”

“Whoa, that’s enough,” Jericho interrupted. “Let’s leave a little mystery to it.”

“So let me get this straight. He is a new super and his power is to instantly know things about people?” Elisabeth asked.

With a sneer, she added, “Super useless.”

“I placed a call to a friend of mine on the way over here. If anyone can tell us what this guy can do, he can. Personally I think he’s a fortune teller, a prophet of sorts,” Jericho offered.

“So what, he hears voices from some higher power?” Elisabeth asked.

“No not like that. I think he can see the future. Just before he jumped on that motorcycle and took off, he said, ‘Elisabeth. They’re going to kill her.’ ”

“He was probably working with those guys,” Elisabeth said.

“Not likely. I literally saw him fall out of the sky,” Jericho explained.

“How is that possible?” Elisabeth asked doubtfully.

“I think I may have an answer,” a voice said behind them.

When they turned around, they saw a man about Jericho’s age coming toward them.

He wore a long coat with a sturdy cane at his hip and four rings on his hands. He spoke with a faint Australian accent.

“If he came from another dimension, that would explain why he’s suddenly able to do so much without anyone knowing how he arrived.”

Jericho extended his hand with a smile.

“Ethan, thanks for showing up.”

“No worries, mate. I’m glad to help,” Ethan said.

“You really think he’s from another dimension?” Jericho asked.

“That or another time. Perhaps the future. I can’t be certain until I get a better look at him,” Ethan said.

“Watch this,” Jericho said.

Jericho turned to Nathan and as he pointed toward Ethan, he asked, “Who’s that?”

“Ethan Evermore,” Nathan said, his mind finally starting to clear. “Your father Erik Evermore was a struggling car salesman. After school you would hang out in the bookstore across the street from your dad’s car lot. One day you found a book titled The Ledgermane Myth, a story about what really happened to magic.”

“That’s enough,” Ethan stopped him.

“That’s not all,” Jericho said gleefully. “I think he can see the future.”

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