The Cadillac Diaries: Episode 70

“Captain Bonkers?” Gene asked with an incredulous stare. “You mean the madman from the news?”

“Yes!” Blake snapped. “How many people do we have ready?”

“Maybe seven, eight men,” Gene said.

“Eight?!” Blake barked.

“Well you told me to send the others away, given recent events,” Gene defended.

“Call them back here now!” Blake ordered.

Gene pulled out his cell phone and after a few attempts, cursed and shoved the phone back into his pocket.

“Can’t get a signal,” he said in frustration.

“Well use the land line! Hurry!” Blake snarled, pointing towards a desk across the room.

Gene ran for the phone, snatched it up and pressed it against his ear.

“Line’s dead,” he informed, slamming down the receiver.

Blake looked back toward Bonkers still standing under the pale light of the flickering street lamp. Suddenly he began to walk slowly towards the house.

Gene quickly came alongside Blake and the two men watched in frozen horror as the clown drew closer and closer, dragging the rebar cross behind him. When he was within a few feet of the porch, he stopped. With his eyes fixed on Blake, he slowly raised the cross then drove it deep into the ground.

Just then a red truck came tearing down the street and pulled up into the yard. When the doors flew open, Ken and Brandon scrambled out of the truck, their weapons trained on Bonkers.

“Freeze!” Brandon yelled.

“Shoot him!” Blake shouted from the house.

Ken nervously moved around to the driver’s side of the truck, his gun ready.

“What are you waiting for? SHOOT HIM!” Blake ordered.

“King’s going to love us now,” Brandon said with a cocky laugh.

As Blake watched in disbelief, Bonkers reached into his jacket, removed two guns, and spun around to face Ken and Brandon. Pulling the trigger, he sent a bullet into Ken’s throat, throwing him back against the truck. Then he fired again, this time striking Brandon in the stomach. The young man dropped his pistol and fell to the ground.

Blake, too stunned to move, stupidly watched Bonkers lower his pistols and slip them back into his jacket.

Then walking over toward the truck, Bonkers looked down at Ken clutching his throat, struggling to breathe as blood filled his lungs.

Bending over, he reached into Brandon’s pockets and removed a wad of cash and a set of keys then straightened up and turned to face the house.

“Get your men and meet me in the back room,” Blake ordered.

“But, sir,” Gene protested.

“I’m not running till I have to. No one’s chasing me out of my own house,” Blake insisted.

As though confused, Gene stood staring at Blake.

“Now!” Blake snapped.

Running out of the room, Gene headed down the east hallway where his men were positioned, posing as drug addicts, vagabonds, and the homeless.

Blake waited until Gene was out of sight then fled down the west hallway to one of four staircases leading up to the second floor. He headed straight for his office and safe room. The bay window was bulletproof and the door had three locks with no way to open it from the outside. Even Bonkers couldn’t get him in there.


*          *          *


Terrified by what had just happened, Genevieve discovered she couldn’t move. Shaking uncontrollably, she watched as the one they called Captain Bonkers walked towards her, his steps slow and deliberate. He came up onto the porch and through the front door, stopping just in front of her. Holding out his hand, he dropped the money and keys he had taken from Brandon’s pockets. Then he pointed a gloved hand toward Brandon’s truck, turned and walked out of sight. For a moment she watched him leave then she collapsed unconscious on the living room floor.


*          *          *


“Come on,” Gene ordered, hurrying his men into the back room.

“Where’s Blake?” one of them asked.

“He must have fled up to his safe room,” Gene figured.

“Coward,” another man sneered.

“No matter. Bonkers wants Blake, and that’s not going to happen,” Gene said.

“Let’s do this! What’s one freak in a clown mask?” a man said, letting out a loud whoop.

Trent, the newest member of the group, pointed to a satchel in a nearby chair and asked, “Whose bag is this?”

One look at the bag and Gene knew what it was.

“Move!” he yelled.

As the men frantically scrambled to escape, the bag exploded.


*          *          *


When Gene awoke, his head was throbbing and his muscles ached. As he struggled to sit up, the room began to spin. He heard the voices of his men yelling out to each other, and when he looked toward the next room, he saw that each man was tied to a bed, bound by his hands and feet.

“How long was I out?” Gene asked nobody in particular.

“Watch out!” a man near the door yelled to him. “He’s behind you!”

Turning around to look, Gene’s face met the fist of Captain Bonkers, and he fell to the floor.

As he struggled to recover, he heard his men screaming for help.

“He’s doused the room in gasoline!” one of the men yelled as he fought against the ropes.

When Gene looked up at Bonkers, he saw he was holding a Molotov cocktail, its rag on fire.

“Please!” someone begged.

“It was just a job,” another tried to explain.

“I just started working here. I didn’t have anything to do with it,” a third voice pleaded.

Without a word, Bonkers threw the bottle into the room with the men, and when it smashed, a sheet of flames quickly engulfed the room, the heat of its blaze stinging Gene’s face. Bonkers turned to Gene, seized his collar, and lifted him as though he were insubstantial.


*          *          *


Up in his office, Blake felt safe from even Bonkers. Since he’d locked himself in, things downstairs had been awfully quiet.

Suddenly the silence was torn apart by what sounded like an explosion and screams. Well whatever was happening down there, Blake was not about to open the door until Gene came up and gave the safe word.

A few minutes passed, and there was a slow steady knock on the door.

“Who’s there?” Blake asked.

“It’s Gene,” Gene said from the other side of the door.

“How do I know you’re not compromised?” Blake asked.

“Necktie,” Gene said, using the safe word. “The password is Necktie.”

Blake moved over to the spy hole and peered through it. Though the glass had been cracked from the explosion, Blake could see Gene’s face.

“Step back so I can open the door,” Blake instructed.

“The door opens inward,” Gene said.

Blake sighed his relief. There was no way Bonkers could have known that. He had never been in the office.

Relaxed, Blake disengaged the locks. But when he opened the door, he saw that Gene wasn’t standing on his own feet.

“Sorry,” Gene mumbled just before a bullet tore through his head, spraying blood on Blake as he stumbled backwards.

Captain Bonkers dropped Gene’s body to the floor and stepped over him as smoke from downstairs poured into the room.

“Please. You have to understand I had nothing to do with that. I had no idea what was going to happen,” Blake pleaded.

Bonkers slipped his pistols into his jacket then reached into his pocket, pulling out a crumpled note and small tape recorder. He threw the note at Blake and held up the tape recorder.

As Blake picked up the note, Bonkers hit play on the recorder. A woman’s voice, one Blake knew too well, said:

“Honey, I spoke with Father Blake about your job. I know you think asking to be let out of your contract is dangerous, but Father. . .sorry, Oscar said that Evelyn won’t be a problem. She’ll ask Mr. King and Mr. King will understand. He also has a child.”

Bonkers stopped the tape recorder and pointed to the note.

Blake uncrumpled the paper and read its contents:

“She asked for truth and you gave her lies.

She asked for faith and you gave her betrayal.

She wanted freedom and you gave her death. “

Blake looked up from the note and tried to explain.

“I swear I had no idea what they were going to do. I swear on my soul.”

Bonkers held up the tape recorder and hit play again. This time Blake’s own voice spoke to him.

“I understand them killing the husband, but I really wish they had spared the wife. I have a Russian client who would have loved her. Heck, I had a client who would have paid double for the boy. It’s really a shame, but that’s the price of doing business, I guess.”

Blake began to back up toward his desk. When he turned, he saw a strange bag balanced on the windowsill. He looked back at Bonkers and saw a remote detonator in his hand. Blake dove to the ground just as the bag exploded, shattering the bay window glass. Suddenly Bonkers lifted Blake off the floor and carried him to the broken window. Twisting in Bonkers’ grip, Blake glanced out the window and saw that just below him was the rebar cross.

His face went pale, but he saw no mercy in the dead eyes of the man in the clown mask.

“Please. No,” Blake whispered.

Bonkers was silent as he tossed Blake out the window and onto the rebar cross.

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