The Prophet of Starfall: Episode 1 – Preview


A late November breeze blew through the branches, tearing loose the lingering leaves and sending them skittering down the path. Sunlight peeked through the clouds, casting a single beam of light onto a solitary woman standing at the grave. As her eyes traced over each letter of the engraved stone, she wept at the memory of a man who had been both the bravest and dumbest person she ever knew, the man she had dared to love. The sun retreated behind a passing cloud, casting shadows across the tombstone of



“The Prophet”


“Idiot,” she spat, a single tear slipping down her cheek.

The letter in her pocket felt heavy. She’d been carrying it around for seven months, longing to read it but too frightened to know his last words.

“Elizabeth, you’ve held onto that note long enough,” her father had said. “Don’t you think it’s time to move on? I miss him too, dear, but he’s gone. And frankly, I don’t think he would want you to linger like this.”

Reaching into her jacket, she pulled out the envelope. After loosening the flap, she slipped the note free and opened it. It was written in Nate’s hand.

“Elizabeth, I’m sorry to say goodbye in this way. The novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne said everyone has a place in this world, a purpose. It’s a shame I found mine on the day I chose to leave this earth. The reason I left, my story, starts long before I first met you.”


…Coming soon…


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