Dragon Fire: Episode 67

Nyriad watched gleefully through the eyes of her stone golem as it roared and shook the ground. The frightened villagers ran towards it with makeshift weapons but quickly retreated when the creature advanced.

“They are trapped,” she giggled. “My baby has blocked their escape. Soon they will bow to the master or die.”

She glanced over at Edron for a response.

“Bow or die,” he shrugged with no feeling.

“You should not be doing this, sister. Master commanded us to wait quietly for his orders. You defy him,” Edron warned.

“I am waiting quietly. It is my baby who roars and attacks the people,” she snickered.

Turning back to the village, she once again looked through the eyes of her golem and watched as the people tried in vain to defeat her stone creature.

Suddenly Prince Alidus walked through the crowd toward the golem.

“There he is,” she said in singsong.

“Sister, remember you must answer for your disobedience.”

Fascinated, Nyriad ignored her brother’s warnings as she watched Alidus march towards the creature.

“He is about to fight my baby, Edron. You must come and see,” Nyriad squealed with delight.

“You know only you can see through the creature’s eyes, sister. Master gave me a different power,” Edron said, admiring the giant war hammer the master had awarded him.

When the golem threw a mound of earth, Alidus rolled out of the way then rolled again to avoid a second attack.

Getting to his feet, he pulled back his hands and a spark of flame appeared in each palm. As he brought his hands together, the flame grew brighter, and when they touched, a stream of fire as thick as a ship’s mast erupted from his palms.

Nyriad only laughed,

“He is trying to burn my baby.”

“Your powers are strong, sister, but those who are proud always pay a price,” Edron advised.

Irritated by her brother’s repeated warnings, Nyriad ignored him and watched as her golem stomped against the torrent of fire towards Alidus.

When the golem overtook Alidus and fell upon him, Nyriad could barely contain her glee.



*          *          *



Atol watched in horror as the full weight of the stone golem fell upon Alidus.

Looking down at Olon, he said,

“I fear the sire is crushed. Bring Idrian. We need his help.”

Once Atol began running toward Alidus, Olon disappeared beneath the soil. Atol knew that if the young prince were yet alive, there was little time to save him.

As Atol flew past the body of a dead village woman, a white burst of energy struck the corpse and the woman suddenly stood and ran to catch Atol.

“It may be that he no longer lives,” she said.

“The young prince is stronger than the common man,” Atol responded. “In this, I have hope.”

When they had almost reached Alidus, the ground slowly began to rumble.

“What is that?” Atol asked, his footing unstable.

“This is the work of the summoner. Perhaps he replaces the fallen one,” the dead woman suggested.

“No, look!” Atol said, pointing toward the stone golem.

All around the golem, fissures split the earth as the rumbling grew stronger and fire belched forth through the cracks.

“We must move to a safe place, behind something,” Atol warned, fighting to stand upright. “There. That rock!”

Atol and the woman fought their way through the screaming villagers who were fleeing in terror and chaos as more fissures appeared.

Suddenly a column of fire large enough to engulf a great beast exploded from the ground beneath the golem, launching the stone creature skyward.

As the golem flew through the air, it released a loud roar of protest and defeat. When the fire slowly died down, Atol peered out from behind the boulder. Singed from the blast of fire, the dead woman fell backward as the white energy shot from her body.

Suddenly the bell in the tower began to ring. Atol watched, as Alidus stood tall in the blackened crater where the golem had fallen on him, driving him into the earth.

Alidus stepped out of the crater and made his way toward Atol.

Just before the prince reached Atol, a young man came rushing toward them.

“Atol the shepherd?” the young man called.

“I am he,” Atol replied.

“I have a message,” the young man said, reaching out.

Then he turned toward Alidus and bowed low.

“My liege, I bring a message for you.”

Alidus took the offered note, thanked the messenger, and opened the parchment. After he read the contents, he looked up and said,

“It seems I have been summoned to a meeting.”

At that moment, the familiar sound of rushing air told them Idrian was nearby.

“Would you care for a ride?” Atol asked. “It appears we have been summoned to the same meeting.”

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