The Train: Episode 52

Robert Carpenter stared at the security monitor in disbelief, furious that his own nephew Tommy had killed his son Jake. For a moment he watched Bobbi lying next to Tommy’s dead body then turned his attention to another monitor where he saw that Greg was still in Mr. Suit’s room.

“How could things have gone so wrong so fast?” Carpenter asked.

“Once upon a time. . .,” Michael’s voice called out from the hallway.

At the sound, Carpenter exploded from the security office, ax in hand, but found no one.

“There was a little house in the woods,” Michael continued from the end of the hall.

Consumed with rage, Carpenter left rational thought behind and charged down the hallway like a rabid dog. This was the voice of the man responsible for the deaths of his oldest boy and his nephew.

When he turned the corner, he saw that Michael was standing at the end of the hallway.

“In this house there lived three bears,” Michael said.

“Stand still little rabbit, so I can kill you,” Carpenter spat.

“Nope,” said Michael as he turned the corner.

Carpenter started to give chase then something occurred to him. As a smile slowly worked across his face, he began to stroll down the hall, no longer rushing, no longer blinded by rage.

“I know your tricks, little rabbit. You’re leading me somewhere. That’s why you stay within sight but out of reach,” Carpenter said as he stopped halfway down the hall at a junction. He could follow this man or he could change things up and be the hunter.

“Let me finish the story for you,” Carpenter said as he turned down the nearest hallway instead of following Michael.

“One day these bears went out for a walk while their porridge cooled. While they were away, this little blonde thing named Goldilocks, who was walking through the woods, came upon the bears’ cottage.”

* * *

Bobbi was jerked awake by a sudden splash of cold water. Sputtering and spitting, she raked an arm across her eyes to see. Her head was pounding, spinning, as she struggled to stand. When she slowly rolled over and braced herself on her hands and knees, she saw a note lying in the drying pool of Tommy’s blood.

“I found the guy who shot Daddy. Daddy’s downstairs right now hunting him. I’m headed down there. Hurry.”

As Bobbi slowly stood, anger flashed in her eyes. If that man hadn’t gotten in the way, Tommy and Jake would still be alive.

She looked over at her brother’s dead body.

“My sweet Jake.”

Seized by a murderous rage, she pulled the knife free from Tommy’s eye. She would make that man pay.

She marched to the stairwell and jerked the door open.

* * *

Knowing that Carpenter was now on the hunt, Michael kept a safe distance from him. Although circumstances hadn’t gone according to plan, Michael remembered that “the best strategist can improvise,” words his father had drummed into his head. As he lured Carpenter where he wanted him to go, Michael made an occasional noise here and there. He need stall only long enough for the timing to work out just right.

As Carpenter continued to tell the story, Michael listened carefully to his voice to gauge his location. Looking down the hallway, he saw a window overlooking a roof about twelve feet down.

“That should do it,” he said, raising the window.

He turned and glanced around.

“Now to bring papa bear this way without making it obvious.”

Before Michael could come up with an idea to draw Carpenter to the spot, a siren kicked on outside, signaling the police arrival.

“Well that’s fortuitous,” Michael said, disappearing just as Carpenter turned into the long hall leading up to the window.

* * *

Carpenter was nearing the end of the story when he heard the police sirens.

Must be just outside,” he thought. Following the sound, he came to a long hallway with an open window.

“Trying to escape, eh?” Carpenter asked. “No, you’re not the kind of guy who runs. You actually think you can still win this one. You’re going to stay until you realize it’s too late and you feel my hands wrapped around your throat, squeezing the life out of you.”

Carpenter walked over to the window and rested his ax against the wall. Pulling out a pistol he had stolen from one of the dead guards, he yelled out the window,

“Think the cops will save you? Now where are you?”

From behind him, Carpenter heard,


He whirled around, pointing the gun at Michael’s chest.

“You may survive this shot, boy, but I want you to die slowly for what you’ve done,” Carpenter hissed.

“I’ve done?” Michael asked. “Why I just woke up.”

“This is all your doing. It’s all because of you,” Carpenter growled. “And now before you can start anything new, I’m going to end you.”

Watching Carpenter’s eyes, Michael said, “3, 2, 1.”

Worried that he was about to lose control of the situation, Carpenter quickly pulled the trigger just as Michael spun out of the way. The bullet exploded from the barrel and struck Bobbi in the chest.

With knife raised to stab Michael, she stood still, a stunned look on her face.

“My baby!” Carpenter exclaimed.

When Carpenter turned back to Michael, he saw the barrel of a shotgun leveled at his chest.

“Gotcha,” Michael said, just before pulling the trigger.

The impact of the blast sent Carpenter staggering backward and out the open window.

* * *

“Can we go now?” Michael asked when Elliot and the others arrived.

“Greg’s tied up, Carpenter’s going to need a hospital, and everyone else is dead. I’d say we’re done here,” Ricer declared.

Suddenly a train whistle filled the air.

“Thank you,” Michael said as he walked to the nearest door.

When he opened it, he saw the inside of the station.

Turning back to the others, he said,

“Let’s get out of here. I’m exhausted.”

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