Dragon Fire: Episode 65

Terrified by the creature, the villagers began fleeing from the town square.

“Why did my ax not kill the beast?” Cerros asked.

“This shape shifter is common to my native land. Its thick bones make it hard to destroy. My people have yet to forge a blade that will kill it,” Razham explained.

“How do we stop it?” Cerros asked.

“I have no answer, my friend.”

Cerros held his ground between Razham and the creature as it flung the ax aside and stamped towards them.

Both swords drawn, Cerros charged the creature.

When he swung out, the blades glanced off its chest, leaving behind no mark. With a roar, the creature slapped Cerros to the ground.

“Begone!” it shouted, walking over him.

Slowly closing his eyes to clear his mind, Razham felt the energy rise in his body. As the creature drew nearer, Razham began to shimmer then vanished.

“A faithless coward, just like your people,” the creature mocked.

“My people have faith as well as courage,” Razham said, hidden among the villagers.

“You cannot hide from me forever. I will lay waste to this city. You will not take me back,” the creature yelled, walking toward the people.

Quickly Razham moved away from the crowd then shimmered back into view.

When the beast saw Razham, it growled and turned toward him.

Gathering his strength, Cerros stepped in front of the creature and swung down with both blades.

But the beast caught his wrists then squeezed until he dropped the swords. Lifting the old warrior high into the air, he tossed him aside like dross.

“Wearisome gnat!” the creature growled. “I want to feel the Native’s blood on my face. Then I will destroy you.”

Rising to his feet, Cerros ran toward the beast’s back and wrapped a chain around its neck.

Pulling it tightly across the creature’s throat, he held on as the beast struggled, frantically clawing at the chain.

“Your bones may be thick,” Cerros said, straining against the creature, “but any neck can break with enough force.”

Keeping the chain taut, Cerros pulled the creature closer to him. When the creature was almost upon him, Cerros slammed his weight into the beast’s back, pulling the chain at the same time. The pressure of the opposing forces snapped the creature’s neck and its arms went limp.

When Cerros released the chain and pulled it back to him, the beast slowly fell to the ground.

Razham came alongside Cerros and looked at the body.

“It may yet live,” he warned.

“How can that be?” Cerros asked.

“These creatures do not die easily,” Razham explained.

“Why did it call you faithless?” Cerros asked.

“At one time, my ancestors worshiped its kind. To keep the creature from destroying the village, every thirty days, the tribe would sacrifice someone to it. The beasts were looked upon as fallen gods,” Razham explained.

“And you have never killed one?” Cerros asked.

“My people always failed, so we learned to trap them and move them to another part of the island. I am surprised to see one here. They usually do not travel far from the island.”

Just then the ground around the creature broke apart and veins of dark matter burst forth, wrapping around the creature and pulling him under.

Cerros stiffened, readying his swords.

“Well done,” a voice behind them said.

Razham and Cerros quickly turned to see a tall thin form wrapped in a long coat over tattered clothes. With a skinless face, the form smiled through teeth covered only by gray muscle.

“I shall return this creature to the woods,” the form said, still smiling.

“What are you?” Cerros asked.

“Why I am the caretaker of Wildeye Woods,” he said with a bow.

At that, the form disappeared into the earth after the creature. Just as the ground sealed, a young man hurried up to Cerros.

“Sir,” the young man asked, “are you named Cerros?”

“Yes, I am,” Cerros said, taking the note offered him.

“And you are called Razham?” he asked.

“Yes,” Razham answered.

The young man handed Razham a note as well then hurried away.

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