The Train: Episode 51

Letting the lingering scent of her perfume lead him, Jake walked down three flights of stairs. Thoughts of catching the blonde made him salivate a little, and he tightened his grip on the pistol. As he reached the third floor, he quickly opened the door then stepped out into the hall.

“Where are you?” he called in singsong.

After no response, Jake looked left then right and caught a glimpse of Nicole disappearing around a corner.

“There you are,” he called enthusiastically. “Better get ready.”

Leading with his pistol, Jake cautiously stalked to the end of the hall, his muscles taut with anticipation.



*          *          *



When they had moved halfway down the hallway with no sign of Michael, Bobbi became frustrated. Tommy, growing more nervous with each step, clinched his teeth in irritation.

“Where is he?” he asked for what seemed like the millionth time

“Relax, Tommy. We’ll find him,” Bobbi assured him.

Tommy’s head began to pound from the flickering lights as his eyes tried to adjust.

“These lights. Too many shadows. My head hurts,” he whined.

Just as Bobbi was considering killing Tommy and searching for the man by herself, a figure holding a weapon suddenly appeared up ahead at the end of the hall.

“Look!” she said.

Tommy saw the man and yelled, “It’s him!”

Raising his pistol, he fired until he emptied the clip.

The figure collapsed, his weapon sliding away as it hit the floor.

“I got him!” Tommy boasted.

“You idiot!” Bobbi yelled. “You just wasted your clip on one guy.”

Bobbi rolled her eyes in exasperation and hurried down the hall to the body, lying obscured in shadows.

“Is he dead?” Tommy asked, running up to her.

Without a word, Bobbi spun around and drove her knife deep into Tommy’s stomach.

Horrified, Tommy looked down at the weapon then up into Bobbi’s murderous eyes as she spat,

“You killed him!”

Confused by her anger, he looked over at the body and saw that it was Jake lying dead on the floor.

Tommy struggled to speak but could only mouth the word no before Bobbi pulled the knife free, stabbing him again and again with each word.

“He’s. . .dead! You. . .killed. . .him!”

As he fell to the floor, Bobbi straddled Tommy and in a frenzy stabbed him over and over until at last she pulled the knife free.

Choking up blood, Tommy’s face was washed in fear as his hands groped blindly at the gaping wounds.

Slowly Bobbi raised the knife and jammed it into Tommy’s eye. As his arms fell to the side, she screeched,


Exhausted by rage and adrenaline, she dropped her hand. When she started to get up, she saw Michael standing over her.

Looking up at him, she whimpered, “He killed my Jake.”

“Yep,” Michael said before striking her head with the barrel of his shotgun.



*          *          *


“Well that was gruesome,” Michael said aloud as he looked down at Tommy’s corpse.

“Serves him right,” Nicole said, walking up beside him.

“He was a punk, but no one deserves that,” Michael said, shaking his head.

“So what about these two?” Nicole asked, nodding toward Tommy and Bobbi.

“Leave them,” Michael said.

As they turned and walked away, Nicole asked,

“Now what?”

“I could really use a nap,” Michael said.

“Will you two stop this foolishness?” Elliot scolded, coming up behind them. “Papa Bear is still around here somewhere, and he won’t be happy when he hears about his kids.”

“Ugh,” Michael complained. “I’m tired. Mind you, I was hit by a car.”

“Stop yer bellyaching, Michael. Let’s get going,” Elliot said, pushing past them.

Michael and Nicole looked at each other in surprise then hurried after Elliot, his boot spurs jangling as he clumped away.

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