The Exile: Episode 64

As we rode the elevator down, Achilles whistled along to the bland music playing over the speakers.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“To the ball, Cinderella,” Achilles smiled.

“What?” I exclaimed.

“Now I know what you’re thinking,” Achilles said, “but don’t worry. You may not be suitably dressed for a ball, but fear not. Once they see you, everything will hit the fan. I don’t think they’ll much care what you’re wearing.”

“Wait a minute! When they see me, they’re going to start shooting.”

“Well yea,” Achilles said with a laugh just as the elevator reached the ground floor and the doors opened.

“I’m counting on that,” Achilles said.

“But—,” I protested.

“Ah. Here’s your date,” Achilles interrupted.

When I turned, there stood Delilah wearing a shimmering low cut red dress that clung to her like a second skin.

As she floated up to me and took my arm in hers, my mind went blank and I could no longer form words.

“Delilah, you remember the Exile?” Achilles asked.

Her eyes sparkling, she purred with a thick Dutch accent, “Hallo.”

“Don’t worry, mate. She’ll keep you safe,” Achilles assured me.

At that moment, a burly tank of a man with a thick bushy black beard lumbered over to us and said,

“The harpy’s almost made her entrance. Is the kid ready?”

Achilles looked at me, lost in Delilah’s eyes, and said,

“Hey kid?”

Bewitched by her beauty, I stood mute.

“Hey, turn that off for a minute, will you? You’ve stupefied the boy.”

“Het spijt me,” Delilah said as she waved her hand in my face.

As she smiled, she pointed to Achilles.

The spell broken, I shook my head then noticed a very large man scowling at me.

“This is Blackbeard. Blackbeard, the Exile.”

“I hope you’re everything we’ve been promised, boy. We’re betting on you,” he said in a gruff voice.

“Well I. . .Wait what?” I asked.

“Just go on in and don’t worry. Delilah will keep you safe,” Achilles smiled.

Looking past me to Delilah, he said,


She nodded then escorted me toward the ballroom.

“Fifty bucks says we get that boy killed,” Blackbeard said.

“Nonsense,” Achilles replied.

“A hundred,” Blackbeard amended.

“Deal,” Achilles replied.

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