Dragon Fire: Episode 64

Just outside the town, Alidus floated back down to earth, the grass beneath his feet igniting, crackling, then burning out, leaving behind a blackened circle. With his long legs and stride, Atol was close behind, running as fast as he could.

When he caught up, Alidus said, “Two creatures.”

“Two creatures?” Atol asked, not understanding.

“Yes. I saw them from the air. One is of mud and water, the other of earth and rock.”

“What is your plan?” Atol asked.

“Can Idrian help us?” Alidus asked.

“No, sire. He still suffers from the fight with the bear, but even if he were recovered, he would cause great damage trying to help in these narrow streets,” Atol replied.

“Very well. I have a plan for the creature of mud, but you must lure him to me,” Alidus said, then took three rapid steps and leapt into the air.

“How am I to lure a creature of mud and water?” Atol asked himself.

Suddenly, Atol felt something move beside his foot.

Looking down, he saw Olon’s oil black eyes watching his face.

Back at Copperhead Camp, Olon had left Atol to attend to Idrian’s wounds. Now he returned to serve.

“This battle will prove both hard and perilous, but if you are willing, you may help.”

*          *          *

The creature of mud and water staggered through the streets destroying buildings and swinging out at fleeing villagers. Too slow to strike anyone, it roared in anger, sending clumps of mud flying from its mouth. In the distance, the creature saw a small animal explode from the earth then dive beneath it again, drawing nearer and nearer with each explosion.

When it came close, it leapt at the creature of mud and water, plunging into its stomach then exploding out the other side. Enraged, the creature roared then turned to see the animal fleeing. Swinging out its arms, it roared again then stumbled after the animal.

*          *          *

Olon slowly lead the mud creature away from the people, through the streets toward the edge of town. When he turned onto an empty road, he saw Alidus and disappeared.

Abruptly, the creature stopped and began to roar, threatening Alidus.

“This is my kingdom, and these are my people. You will not harm them! Alidus commanded.

“I am the defense against any who would afflict these villagers,” Alidus continued.

Just as the creature took a step toward Alidus, the white dragon appeared in the sky. Flying low, she sent out an icy blast, freezing the mud creature in its tracks.

Moving his hands in small circles, Alidus formed a tiny flame that grew larger as he slowly spread his hands apart. The flame increased until it was the size of a small boulder. Bringing his hands together behind the fireball, Alidus ordered,

“Now leave this place!”

Pushing against the ball of fire, he sent it swiftly rolling down the street until it struck the frozen creature, shattering him.

“You are not welcome here!” Alidus shouted.

Hurrying over to Alidus, Atol asked,

“You destroyed him?”

“Yes, at least until his mistress reconstitutes him,” Alidus said. “I do not yet know how I must attack the other creature.”

“We must quickly help the people to safety outside the town. In their fright, they seem confused and do not flee.”

“Help!” they heard a woman yell.

Turning toward the voice, Alidus and Atol saw a young woman struggling against a man who was attacking her.

Suddenly an arrow flew through the air, striking the man in the back, its point protruding through his chest. As he fell to the ground, the woman screamed in terror and fled.

Alidus followed the trajectory of the arrow to a bell tower.

Just then a burst of white energy shot from the tower and entered the man lying dead in the street.

Slowly the man stood up and walked over to Atol and Alidus.

With cold, empty eyes, he spoke.

“Because of the closeness of Copperhead Camp, the local baron created a safe plan of escape for the people. He knew that they might flee wildly into an enemy camp. So he ordered gates to be built near the center of town that are to be opened should the people need to leave the village. These gates open up to a passageway leading under the town and out into the forest. When the baron built the gates, he told the people not to flee unless they hear the bell in the tower. Then they must escape through the open gates. If they do not hear the bell, they are to know that the baron’s army has control and they have nothing to fear. But the baron’s army has not moved into position because something keeps them busy outside the town, and the guards have not rung the bell or opened the gates because the stone creature has killed them. I will ring the bell to warn the people, but you must open the gates.  I need your help because I cannot do both.”

When the man finished speaking, the white energy shot from his lifeless body, leaving him to fall to the ground. Alidus, watching the white energy return to the bell tower, caught a glimpse of two glowing orbs in the shadows.

“What shall we do?” Atol asked.

After a moment, Alidus said,

“We must get to the gates. If the creature is there, I will draw him away from the villagers. When you see the people rushing toward the gates, open them. This stranger speaks the truth.”

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