The Train: Episode 49

Jake and Bobbi scattered as Greg stumbled backwards and Robert Carpenter gripped his chest from the shot. Nicole quickly grabbed Dr. Ricer and Lucy, fleeing to Michael’s hospital room.

Once inside the room, Nicole ordered, “Stay here!”

Back in the lobby, Carpenter slowly rose to his feet. When he saw that Michael had disappeared, he growled,

“Find them. Then kill them and anybody who gets in your way, but leave Mr. Suit to me! His head will look good above my fireplace!”

As Carpenter stormed down one end of the hallway toward the elevators, Jake, Bobbi and Greg turned and headed the other way.

Suddenly Nicole stepped out into the hallway a few yards down. She stood still for a moment then turned and slowly walked around the corner out of sight.

“Bobbi, you and Tommy go help Dad,” Jake ordered. “Greg, you deal with the old man and the kid. I’ll take care of the blonde.”

“Remember Daddy said he wants to keep her,” Bobbi reminded.

“So I’ll get him a new one,” Jake said. “Now go!”

Jake rushed after Nicole while Bobbi grabbed Tommy and went to find Carpenter.

*          *            *

Bobbi knew her daddy would head for the security office. That was where he always went during a crisis like this. He’d take out security then access the security cameras to look for that Michael guy. Nobody would get in his way on this one.

As Bobbi waited with Tommy for the elevator doors to open, she glanced over at the hospital directory and saw that the main security office was on the third floor. When the elevator doors opened, she hopped in.

“Get in, Tommy!” she ordered to the reluctant boy.

Once Tommy entered the car, she hit the 3 button and watched the overhead panel as the elevator counted down from six. Suddenly the elevator jerked to an abrupt stop at the fourth floor and the doors opened.

Bobbi stood still, waiting for someone to step in. When no one appeared, she stuck out her head and looked up and down the empty hallway. Finally, she shrugged and stepped back into the elevator. After a couple of seconds, the doors began to slowly close. When they were almost shut, she saw Michael walk past. Quickly she jammed her hand between the doors to open them then stepped out into the hall.

Looking to the right, she saw that the hallway stretched out for a long way, but to the left, the direction that Michael had been headed, the hallway turned. Reaching into her back pocket, Bobbi pulled out a long knife with a twisted six-inch blade. It was no ax or pistol, but her special toy was very effective.

“Come on, Tommy,” she said.

As the elevator doors began to close behind them, Bobbi heard a clicking noise.

“What was that?” Tommy nervously asked.

With pistol drawn, Tommy’s hand began to shake as he pressed himself against the wall. Bobbi placed her hand over his and said,

“Don’t worry, sweetie. I’ll protect you.”

Forcing a smile, Tommy willed his hand to stop shaking. He felt like such a wimp.

“I’m not done with you yet,” she said, leaning in really close and whispering in his ear, “sugar.”

While she was whispering, a wind-up toy dog appeared from around the corner, its little tail wagging and its fake fur body vibrating. As they watched, it barked a few times, flipped suddenly then barked again and walked forward.

“Oh how cute,” Bobbi said.

Looking at her in disbelief, Tommy said, “What’s the matter with you? We’ve got to focus. That guy’s messing with us.”

“It’s just a toy,” Bobbi said as she started to walk towards it.

Tommy reached out and caught her arm.

“Wait!” he warned.

Slowly moving toward the toy, Tommy stretched out his hand to grab it. When nothing happened, he took a deep breath and stepped away from the safety of the wall. Closing his eyes for a moment, he tried to gather his courage.

When he slowly opened his eyes, he saw Michael send a baseball hurtling toward him. Before he could move out of the way, it slammed into his nose. Dropping his weapon, he grabbed his bleeding nose and discovered that it was broken.

Bobbi moved closer to him, her knife still out.

“You okay?” she asked.

“No! Man, he broke my nose,” Tommy whimpered.

“Who?” Bobbi asked.

“Who do you think?” Tommy asked, looking up and pointing to where he had seen Michael.


But there was no one there.

*          *            *

Jake hurried down the hallway then turned the corner where Nicole had disappeared. The hallway was empty.

“Where did she go?” he asked.

As though to answer his question, at the end of the hall, he saw a woman step out, silhouetted by the light pouring in from the window. She stood still and waited. Jake quickly raised his weapon and fired. A bullet flew from the barrel as the gun discarded a casing. The woman stood still, unharmed.

“What are you?” he asked, certain he had hit her.

The hallway lights flickered as he began walking towards her.

*          *            *

Greg smiled as he approached Michael’s room. While Jake and Bobbi were having their fun, he’d finally get to have his. He had no interest in the old man, but the little girl? That was a different story. He couldn’t stop thinking about her.

“You in there, sweetheart?” he asked, tapping on the door.

“I’m not going to hurt you.”

Slowly pushing open the door, he continued,

“I would never hurt you. I think you’re real pretty.”

Standing inside the room near the bed was the old man but the little girl was gone.

“Where is she?” Greg demanded.

“You don’t see her?” the old man asked confused.

“I don’t have time for no games,” Greg snapped.

“She’s here. Honestly,” the man exclaimed.

“Where?” Greg snapped.

Suddenly he felt a stinging pain in his leg. He looked down to see a syringe hanging from his pants leg.

“Lucy, what did you inject him with?” Ricer asked.

Greg looked around the room but saw no one but the old man.

“What game are you playing, old man?” he barked. “Where is she?”

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