Dragon Fire: Episode 61

Flanked by the two great beasts, Atol stood perfectly still, his muscles taut. He only hoped he could move fast enough to safety should the dragons turn on him.

“Do not worry, my friend,” Alidus said smiling. “They will not harm you.”

Nervously looking from one dragon to the other, an unconvinced Atol asked,

“You control them?”

Alidus laughed, “They are dragons, the guardians of creation. No one controls them.”

“Then how can you know they mean me no harm?” Atol asked.

“Because you are my friend,” Alidus explained, “and they know what I know. They feel what I feel. Though I cannot control them, I can ask them to do things.”

“What are their names?” Atol asked, trying to calm himself.

“They have not yet told me their names, but I do know that the white one is female, an ice breather. She is younger than her brother.”

Atol studied the white dragon. He discovered that she was watching him with what looked strangely like the soft eyes of a woman.

“She escorted Idrian to the place you sent him after his fight with the great bear,” Alidus said.

“She is not the dragon I saw in the fight,” Atol said, turning his gaze to the other dragon.

“True. That dragon was her brother, the fire breather, and he has been with me almost since the beginning,” Alidus explained.

“What will they do now?” Atol asked.

“What they have always done. Watch over me and any who travel with me,” Alidus answered.

“Now that you have remembered who you are, where will you go?” Atol asked.

“To my kingdom, to take back from those who stole it,” Alidus said.

Alidus looked up at the dragons and nodded to each once. When he turned back to Atol, both creatures spread their wings and shot up into the clouds, sending a mighty burst of air downward.

“Shall we go?” Alidus asked, walking towards the dock.

“As you wish, sire. Olon helped me cross the river to this place. Once I was safe ashore, he returned to Idrian who will join us once she has healed,” Atol explained, loosening the boat from its mooring.



*          *          *



Edron sat by a crackling fire and fanned away the troublesome bugs that hovered near his face. He and his sister Nyriad had been hiding in the swamps near a small town awaiting further instructions from their master.

Lying back, he rested his head against his hammer and closed his eyes, but his sister’s angry pacing told him he would have no peace.

“I want him dead!” Nyriad screamed.

“Calm yourself, sister,” Edron advised.

“I will not be calm! They have killed Kodaz my baby.”

“You can bring him back,” Edron suggested.

“No, I cannot. His poor soul is trapped on the other side. It will take many days for him to find his way back to me,” Nyraid said.

“Can you not wait for his return?” Edron asked.

“No, I cannot!” Nyraid screeched.

Edron felt a familiar cold barb run down his spine as he slowly sat up and turned to his sister.

“Nyraid, the master has told us to wait quietly for our orders,” Edron warned.

“I do not care. I will not let murderers run free. Someone will pay for their crimes,” Nyraid said.

With a wave of her hand and a twist of her hips, Edron watched as magic left Nyraid’s hands, one stretched out toward the swamp and the other toward the ground near the edge of the clearing. When she had finished the ceremony, she turned to Edron with a smile of satisfaction.

“What have you done, sister?” he asked.

Suddenly a figure rose from the muck, a construct of mud, water and roots. As the creature straightened itself to a height of twenty feet, the ground near the clearing began to rise and break open as a second construct, twice as tall as the first, formed from the rock and dirt. It stood to its full height then the two creatures slogged over to Nyraid.

“The children of men destroyed your brother. Go and punish their children. Make them suffer,” Nyraid commanded, pointing to the nearby town.

As the creatures turned and left the swamp, Nyraid giggled with delight.

“Why have you done this?” Edron demanded.

“I cannot leave this place, so the children of men will come to me!’ she squealed with delight.



*          *          *



As they crossed the river toward the mainland, Alidus turned and took one last look at Copperhead Camp.

“I am glad to be free of that place,” he said. “Thank you, Atol.”

“I believe you are the first to escape,” Atol pointed out.

“You are mistaken, my friend,” Alidus replied. “My father was the first.”

“The king was once in there?” he asked in amazement.

“No,” Alidus said. “Not the king. I meant my real father.”

Atol could sense Alidus’ discomfort at the subject, so he turned and guided the boat the rest of the way.

When they reached the shore, Atol pulled the boat up onto the bank.

“I am sorry, sire, but I must ask,” Atol said. “Your father—.”

“Wait here,” Alidus interrupted.

Lowering his body to the ground, he summoned fire around his feet. Then with a sudden burst of force that threw Atol backwards, Alidus shot up into the air, hovered for a moment then floated back down.

“A town not far from here is being attacked. We must hurry to their aid.”

As Alidus once again lowered himself, Atol began,

“Wait. I—”

Before he could finish, Alidus shot into the air far above the treetops.

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