The Train: Episode 47

“Jake, you and Greg take care of that,” Robert Carpenter ordered the two men.

Dumbstruck, Tommy stared slack-jawed as one of the men, his muscled arms covered with a myriad of tattoos, motioned toward the tall lanky man. The two hunched over and lifted Ronald Brewer’s dead body, blood streaming from the open wound. They carried him out the door to the wharf and tossed him into the water.

“That should give the fish something to feed their young,” Carpenter laughed.

Looking down at Tommy, he said, “It does my heart good to give back to mother nature. After all she’s done looking after us, the least we can do is give back. Jake, go wash off my axe.”         Jake took the ax from Carpenter, walked back out to the wharf, and swished the blade in the bay. Pulling a rag from his back pocket, he wrapped it around the blade and wiped off the dripping water.

When Jake returned the ax, Carpenter hiked it over his shoulder then studied Tommy’s face.

“Now, lad, I know this is a lot to take in, but I need some answers.”

His mouth still hanging open, Tommy looked up at his uncle.

“Seems like the poor lad wasn’t gifted with the power of speech,” Carpenter said.

“I’ll loosen his tongue, Daddy,” Bobbi said, smiling as she slinked over to Tommy and straddled his lap.

“Bobbi, get off that boy! He’s your cousin!” Carpenter ordered.

Bobbi smiled and said, “I won’t tell no one if you won’t.”

Carpenter grabbed her by the collar and pulled her off Tommy’s lap.

Bringing his face level with Tommy’s eyes, he said,


Overwhelmed by his situation, Tommy remained silent, his gaze now fixed on Bobbi.

“Bobbi, you went and broke him,” Carpenter accused.

The young woman only giggled and turned her back to Tommy, running her hand over her backside.

Suddenly Carpenter gave Tommy a hard slap, bringing him back to his senses.

“Where’s the blonde lass who killed my little brother?” he demanded.

Rubbing his burning cheek, Tommy began to think clearly again.

“The hospital,” he said. “Everything started happening right after I hit that guy with my car. She may not be with him, but he’s connected to her somehow.”

“Good boy,” Carpenter said, giving him a pat.

Carpenter straightened up and turned to Bobbi.

“First, let me wrap this thing up. Then I don’t care what you do to him, but leave him in one piece!” Carpenter instructed.

When her smile turned into a pout, Carpenter said,

“I mean it. He’s your cousin for crying out loud. Have some self control.”

Carpenter stepped past her and called,

“Jake, Greg get your gear. We’re going hunting.”



*          *          *



Nicole waited in the elevator as it slowly rose to the floor Michael was on. A good deal of time had passed since she’d left Brewer with Tommy. She kept thinking about what Sherwood had said,

“This is why Michael is so important. He can balance the players and keep everything organized.”

She had always seen Michael as just someone who got in her way, a kind of chaperone. Not once had she considered that he was there to make sure things ran smoothly. She shook her head clear of doubts. She knew her place now and what she was capable of doing. A good warrior slays all who stand before him, but a great warrior slays only his enemy.

The elevator dinged and the doors opened. As she stepped out onto the floor, she saw Dr. Ricer, a look of concern in his eyes. He paused and moved in to give her a hug. Then he stepped back and offered an apology.

“I’m sorry, Nicole. I was just worried about you.”

“How’s Michael?” she asked.

“No change.”

Nicole followed Ricer to the waiting room just down the hall and took a seat where she could watch the elevator.

“Is everything okay?” Ricer asked.

“Yes,” Nicole answered. “I’m just keeping an eye on things. I left Tommy in police custody, but until the train whistle blows, we’re not safe.”

“Well if he’s been arrested and everyone else is dead, I think we should be fine.”


Just then two pickup trucks pulled up into the parking lot outside the hospital. One of the doors opened, and Tommy Carpenter stepped out. When he looked up at the hospital, Robert Carpenter asked,

“Is this the place, lad?”

Tommy and his brothers had kept a close eye on the hospital since all this started.

“This is it,” he said.

“Good. Jake, Greg, Bobbi, you remember I want the blonde and the man Tommy hit with his car. After that, I don’t care what you do.”

“Can we burn it down?” Greg asked, snickering.

“Not while we’re inside,” Carpenter said. “Wait till we leave.”

Greg nodded though his disappointment was obvious.

“Crazy lad’s been obsessed with fire since he saw a sheriff’s deputy lit up,” Carpenter laughed, elbowing Tommy’s ribs.

“Let’s go,” Carpenter suddenly ordered.

Jake, Greg, and Bobbi whooped and climbed out of the truck.

“Bobbi, I don’t want you leaving for the morgue till we’re finished,” Carpenter instructed.

“But, Daddy,” Bobbi protested.

“I mean it, lass,” Carpenter snapped.

“You’ll like this, Tommy,” Robert said as they approached the hospital.



*          *          *



Elliot leaned against the bathroom door in Michael’s room and waited. Nicole and Ricer were seated in the waiting room talking while Lucy went about straightening the magazines on the tables.

A glance up at the wall clock, and Elliot reached into his pocket for his watch. Quickly putting it away, he walked over to Michael and shook him awake.

“What?” Michael asked, sitting bolt upright.

“Michael,” Elliot called.

Michael rubbed his eyes then turned to face Elliot.

“It’s time,” Elliot said. “They’ve just arrived.”

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