The Train: Episode 44

Tommy slowly sat up. He held his head in his hands trying to stop the spinning. Reaching out for a nearby chair, he braced himself and pushed up to his feet. His ears were ringing and his face stung from the glass cuts. Bringing a hand up to his cheek, he touched the wounds then pulled his hand away and saw the blood on his fingertips. Outside the debris of the truck was consumed in flames, choking the air with thick black clouds of smoke.

“I’ve got to sit down,” he said. Holding on to the door, he took a few slow steps to the chair then lowered himself onto the seat just moments before he passed out.

The sound of the phone snapped Tommy awake. He saw that he was still slumped in the chair where he had fallen. The ringing in his ears had eased and the spinning had stopped. He tried to stand up but his legs failed him and he fell back into the chair.

“If I can just make it to the office and answer that blasted phone,” he told himself.

Trying once again, he leaned on the chair for support then inched his way along the wall until he reached the office.

The incessant ringing of the phone was like nails being driven slowly into his head.

“Shut up!” he ordered the irritating device.

When he made it to the desk, he reached out for the phone, pulling it free from the cradle.

“What!” he barked. “Ow!” he said, grabbing his throbbing head.

“Tommy, you’re alive!” Ronald Brewer exclaimed. “I heard about the explosion. I figured you and Richard were having some sort of war. I did everything I could to keep the uniforms away. Are you all right?”

“Yea,” Tommy said, his throat hoarse.

“How’s Richard? Did you two get the killer?” Brewer asked.

“Richard’s dead. My crew is dead. It’s just me left,” Tommy said.

“Oh man! What are you going to do?” Brewer asked.

“My dad has a cabin out in the woods, pretty isolated. It’s a good place to hold up, figure out what to do. I’m going to make some calls. Dad had family up north. They’ll come down here and help, put an end to this,” Tommy said.

“I’ll spin by and pick you up. It’s not safe for you to go alone,” Brewer said.

“I don’t know,” Tommy hesitated.

“Besides if someone tries anything, I can call for backup,” Brewer added.

Tommy wasn’t comfortable bringing Brewer along. The man was nothing but a leech. But having police backup could work for him.

“All right,” Tommy agreed. “I’m at the garage, and hurry! Who knows when this nut job will come back?”

Tommy ended the call and staggered to the bathroom to clean up and clear his head.



*          *            *



By the time Tommy had put on fresh clothes and dressed his wounds, he heard Brewer at the door.

“Tommy, it’s me. Open up,” Brewer called.

Tommy answered the door then turned back to the office.

“Where’s Richard?” Brewer asked.

But when he stepped into the office, he saw the answer.

“Oh,” he responded.

Brewer watched as Tommy filled a small bag with guns and ammo he pulled out of a desk drawer.

“Smells like gasoline in here. What’s going on, Tommy?” Brewer asked.

Gripping the bag’s handle, Tommy said,

“Let’s get out of here.”

“What about Richard?” Brewer asked.

As they headed for the front door, Tommy pulled out a small lighter and tossed it inside the office. The flame caught the gasoline and crawled over Richard’s body, working its way through the room. By the time Brewer pulled away from the house, the flames were coming out the windows.

Following Tommy’s directions, they drove through the night in silence. The only sounds were a passing train and the car’s engine.

Tommy kept looking back to see if they were being followed, but the thick fog made it hard to see.

“Pull onto that dirt road and follow it through the trees. It’ll take us to the cabin, a two story job at the top of the hill,” Tommy instructed, breaking their silence.

Brewer parked the car and followed Tommy into the cabin.

“Is this it?” he asked.

“Don’t ask stupid questions or I’ll have to kill you,” Tommy growled.

Brewer started to smile until he saw the expression on Tommy’s face. He wasn’t joking.

“Sorry,” he said.

“Yes, you are,” Tommy said bitterly. “Now go get my bag out of the car.”

Brewer nodded and left the cabin door open as he walked down the steps toward the car. As soon as his foot hit the bottom step, the car exploded, throwing Brewer backward to the ground. Tommy tore out the door and saw Brewer’s car in flames.

Suddenly a woman appeared from behind the fire and casually walked around in front.

“You?” Tommy growled.

“Who is it?” Brewer asked, getting to his feet.

“You’re the one who murdered my father and my brothers?” Tommy snarled, ignoring Brewer. “Well it won’t be so easy with me! I’ll kill us both if I have to!”

Tommy spat as he yelled,

“Come and get me!”

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