The Exile: Episode 56

Pinning myself against the nearest wall, I forced the frightened security guard to stay down. As Cazonetti snaked up alongside us, he whispered,

“What now, fearless leader?”

“Wait a minute. When did I become the leader?” I asked.

“You’re the one they want dead, man. My gig is to keep you safe,” Cazonetti answered.

Taking a quick look around, I assessed the situation.

“Look you two. I’m not the best shot, even if I had plenty of bullets. There’s not much chance we’ll get out of here unscathed,” I said. “We need a distraction to cover our escape.”

“I can help,” the security guard suddenly said.

Cazonetti and I looked over at the old man.

“You want to help?” Cazonetti asked in surprise.

“Yes. They want you, and I want you out of my building,” the old man answered.

Cazonetti and I shared a glance then I shrugged and said,

“Whatever it takes.”

The security guard reached for his radio and pressed the talk-to button.

“This is Elmer downstairs. We’ve got persons with firearms and a possible bomb threat. Clear the building now!”

Cazonetti looked at me and mouthed, “Elmer?”

The security guard attached the radio to his waistband then said,

“Now wait. You’ll know when to run. The one thing security is good at around here is evacuation.”

I traded a few shots with Section 8 before turning and impatiently asking,

“How long do we have to wait?”

“Any minute now,” the guard responded.

Suddenly alarms began going off and the elevator and stairwell doors opened. In a panic, people spilled out into the lobby from every direction.

“There’s your cover. Now get out of my hotel!” Elmer ordered.

“Thanks, Gramps,” Cazonetti said as we blended into the crowd.

Outside police cars and fire trucks filled the street. Hurrying past them, we headed for the nearest alley.

“That was fun,” Cazonetti said, following close behind.

“Unnerving is more like it,” I disagreed.

Stopping deep in the alley to catch my breath, I said, “Let’s get back to the others.”

“Good idea, oh fearless one,” Cazonetti smiled.

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