The Train: Episode 41

Just as Tommy, Richard, and Detective Brewer jumped out of the way, a city bus vaulted the curb and slammed into the front wall of the small bar. Across the street, a man and woman stood silently watching as Nicole slipped away in the chaos of the crash.

“Are you certain she can stop herself?” the woman asked.

“Of course she can, dear. She’s simply reacting out of love,” the man answered.

“I wouldn’t say love,” the woman disagreed, turning toward the man. “Perhaps she feels responsible for the injury of her team mate.”

“Oh no, dear. It’s love. I am certain of it. After having been on her own for so long, now she has a father figure, a little sister, and the con man Michael.”

“Yes, but she could see him as a brother,” the woman suggested.

“Nope. She’s in love,” the man said, reaching out and taking the woman’s hand.

“Sweetheart, I love that you are so optimistic, but you know what happens. Does that sound like a woman in love or just someone who’s angry?”

“Defense of one’s lover is often mistaken for anger,” the man said, softly patting the woman’s hand.

“Nevertheless, are we going to do anything to stop her?” the woman sighed.

As the man watched the scene at the bar, a deep furrow formed in his brow.

“Not yet. There is a line, though, that cannot be crossed. I know what I must do. I’m not worried about it,” the man assured her.

He turned and studied his wife’s face. Her look said she knew he was making empty promises.

“All right. Perhaps I am a little worried.”



*          *          *



Behind the bar, Tommy pressed his palms against the floor and slowly pushed himself to his feet, bits of wood and broken glass falling from his hair and clothes. He saw the bartender lying on the floor beside him where he had dived when Richard shouted.

“Richard?” Tommy called out.

He bent down to check the bartender’s vitals. Weak pulse, but alive.

“Richard?” Tommy called out again.

“He’s over here,” Brewer answered.

The end of the bar was covered with fallen debris, so Tommy crawled over the counter and headed toward the sound. Brewer worked his way around to the front of the bus with his arm supporting Richard.

“Is he hurt?” Tommy asked.

“I’m fine,” Richard said, rubbing the top of his head.

“What happened?” Tommy asked.

“Failed attempt on your life, I’d guess,” Brewer suggested.

“I do not believe so,” Richard said. “This killer has not missed.”

“You think this was a warning?” Tommy asked.

“Help me with this,” Richard said as he struggled to open the doors of the bus.

Tommy and Brewer reached out and gripped the doors, forcing them open.

After Richard slipped inside and climbed the steps, he suddenly stopped.

“Tommy, come here,” he ordered.

Obeying his brother, Tommy climbed inside.

“This was not a warning,” Richard said.

“What was it then?” Brewer asked from outside the bus.

“A delivery,” Tommy said.

“What?” Brewer asked as he stepped inside the bus.

Following Tommy’s pointed finger, Brewer saw Matthew hanging from his neck by a wire bolted to the roof of the bus. Blood dripped from his neck and hands to the floor.

Richard turned to Tommy, a stern look on his face.

“I want you to go with Brewer here. He’s placing you in protective custody until I can find the person behind this.”

“I already told you, Richard, I’m not going to hide like some coward while you go after this killer by yourself,” Tommy protested.

“Give me your gun,” Richard said, holding out his hand.

Tommy hesitated then pulled out his weapon and passed it to Richard.

Richard chambered a round, turned off the safety then shot Tommy in the shoulder.

“What are you? Crazy?” Tommy yelled, grabbing the wound.

Without a word, Richard turned and shot Brewer in the shoulder.

As the detective fell backwards, he scrambled for his gun.

Richard removed a white, monogrammed handkerchief from his coat pocket and methodically wiped down the gun as he walked over to Brewer crumpled at the bottom of the steps.

“Detective, my brother just shot you. You managed to grab his gun and get off a shot. Then you read him his rights, arrested him and drove him to the hospital. Isn’t that right?”

Still shocked and confused, a silent Brewer nodded.

Richard turned to Tommy and said,

“Go with the detective and stay out of trouble.”

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