The Exile: Episode 50

Shortly after Heckle left to hand over Montgomery Miles to the police, Jeckle rose from his chair.

“Okay,” he said, slapping his thighs, “I’m out of here. Be back in a few.”

Jeckle’s job was to scope out The Caliburn, a posh hotel in an affluent part of town, and get the dope on the manager. When he returned, we would make our plan.

While he was gone, I found myself waiting in silence with what felt like a heavy layer of. . .tension. . .uneasiness. . .strain? Call it what you like. Cazonetti and Lorelei sat in the close room trying to look anywhere but at one another. Ten minutes of this oppressive atmosphere and I was ready to run out into street traffic. Anything for a distraction. That’s when the warehouse door opened and Heckle walked in.

“Hallelujah!” I rejoiced to myself.

Heckle made his way over to the office. When he came into the room, he looked at Cazonetti and Lorelei then asked,

“What have I just stepped into?”

When no answer came, he said,

“Well isn’t this exciting. Last time I had this much fun, somebody was dead.”

He laughed, trying to lighten things up, then he looked at me.

“What’s going on here?”

“Jeckle went to The Caliburn to check out the manager Colin Summers. You know, the name Montgomery Miles gave us. And I’ve been stuck here while these two stare daggers at each other,” I explained.

“Cazonetti’s stare is a dagger, but Lorelei’s is really more of a sledgehammer.”

Lorelei jerked her head in Heckle’s direction and gave him a stare that would melt steel. Just as he recoiled from the burn, Jeckle entered the warehouse.

He crossed the floor to them and sat down.

“My apologies for the delay, but I come with news. . .bad news.”

“Give it,” Cazonetti said.

“Summers is seriously skittish. He sees to most problems himself, but if things get out of hand, he hits a panic button on his necklace and retreats to the lobby and waiting armed guards.  The slightest noise, and he runs for the elevator. The only way we’re going to grab him is to catch him unaware,” Jeckle explained.

“That’s why Calypso brought me into this. I can get anyone to follow me,” Lorelei boasted.

“Not this one,” Jeckle said, shaking his head. “He’s a major germaphobe. Just the thought of shaking someone’s hand causes him to panic and hyperventilate, even someone as lovely as you.”

“So what do we do?” Cazonetti asked.

“Honestly, I don’t know. But if we panic him even the slightest, the armed guards will escort him to a heavily guarded office and we’ll never get our hands on him.”

“I could probably lure him to a private room and then we could just bash him,” Lorelei suggested, still confident of her charms.

“He travels with an armed guard as well,” Jeckle pointed out. “You can’t lure him anywhere.”

“What if we physically threatened him?” I asked.

“The guards will block the attacker while the manager slips into the elevator and hurries to the guarded office,” Jeckle said.

I thought for a moment then started to smile.

“You’ve got something?” Cazonetti asked.

I nodded as the smile spread across my face.

“You know what to do?’ Heckle asked.

I looked at them and said, “Um-hum. We’re going to scare the life out of him.”


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