The Exile: Episode 49

Surprised by Montgomery Miles’ sudden change of heart, Cazonetti cut the rope from the rafters easing Miles to the warehouse floor and into the waiting arms of Heckle.

While Heckle drove Miles to the nearest police station, Jeckle and Cazonetti sat across the table from Lorelei and me.

Breaking the quiet, Lorelei asked, “So our next target is the manager of a hotel, right?”

“That’s what Miles the weasel said,” Cazonetti answered. “Hey, you were there. He confessed to everything he ever did wrong.”

“Even offered to give us proof,” Jeckle chuckled.

“Right. According to him, the only person he answers to is the manager of some lush hotel uptown,” Cazonetti finished.

“So what are we going to do with a snooty hotel manager?” Lorelei asked.

“Same as before. Find his weak spot and press on it till he caves,” Jeckle replied.

“Is anyone going to address why he suddenly flipped and gave us everything?” I asked.

When no answer came, in exasperation I held up my hands, fingers spread, and said,

“Look. I’ll admit I’m new to this whole thing, but doesn’t it seem odd that one minute he clams up and the next he gives it all up? He gave us enough to put him away, for heaven’s sake. Doesn’t that seem odd to you?”

“That’s probably cause of you, bud,” Jeckle replied.

“What?” I asked confused.

“Well think about it. He wasn’t talking until the lights came on in the office. Now Lorelei can be a distraction,” Jeckle said smiling.

Stiffening at the comment, Lorelei glared at Jeckle.

“And even though she tends to take the focus away from most people. . .You do, Lorelei, you know you do. . .Miles most likely started talking because he saw you, Wesley. He’d heard the rumors his people have been putting out, so he folded, hoping you wouldn’t come after him,” Jeckle suggested.

As I took a moment to consider this, Cazonetti answered,

“Or it’s a trap.”

“Oh yea. That’s more likely. I want to change my answer,” Jeckle added.

At that, I dropped my head and sighed in defeat.

“Relax, sweetie,” Lorelei said placing her hand on my back, a gesture that felt strange to me.

“Everything will be fine. The truth is, we just don’t have much else to go on. And until we do, this is our best lead.”

I looked up at Lorelei then motioned toward her hand and asked,

“What are you doing?”

Lorelei looked from me to her hand rubbing my back and said, “Comforting you?”

“Well stop it. It doesn’t feel like something you’d do. Feels weird.”

Lorelei shook her head in confusion and quickly pulled her hand away.

“You’re right. I don’t know what I was thinking,” she said, her eyes flashing.

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