Dragon Fire: Episode 49

Quickly slipping over the side, Atol gripped the rough stones as two more tower guards approached. Hidden in the shadows, he waited. When the two undead came nearer, Atol held his breath.

“It grows dark. Where are the two guards stationed here?” one of the men asked.

“They are not here, Nok,” the other guard answered. “Master will be angry. We must watch the part of the wall Master gave us.”

“Grub,” Nok boasted, “Master chose us for the center because we are the wisest of his men.”

When Grub turned his back to Nok, Atol reached up and wrapped his tail around Nok’s throat. As he pulled tightly, he heard a faint snap then watched Nok’s body fall to the ground.

“What?” Grub asked, turning around.

Atol swung up over the wall, grabbed Grub with his feet and threw him into a nearby section of the wall. When Grub’s head smashed into the thick stones, his body jerked then struggled to stand on its own. Atol quickly dislodged the nearest torches and tossed them over the side, darkening another section of wall.

Four more guards on the wall. Atol took a deep breath and fought against his drive to rush in and save the young prince. He knew there were too many who would fight him, and he must not alert those who guarded the prince down in the cellars.

Keeping low, he slowly advanced toward the next tower guard. When he reached out to grab the nearest torch, he spotted something up in the clouds. With a massive wingspan, it circled the sky high above the castle then disappeared. Straining to once again see the creature, Atol held the torch aloft as he searched the night sky.

When the creature reappeared, once again circling the castle, Atol asked in a loud whisper,

“Is that a dragon?”

“Who goes there?” a voice suddenly called out. Atol glanced over and saw that one of the guards had spotted him. Racing forward, he seized the guard’s mouth and pulled a dagger free from the watchman’s belt just as another guard hurried over in response to the noise. With a whip of his tail, Atol threw the dagger as hard as he could, driving the blade deep into the second guard’s throat and silencing him. Without loosening his grip on the guard’s mouth, he twisted off his head and moved quickly to kill the second man. But when Atol realized that the last two guards had seen the struggle, he panicked. He knew that even if he could get to them before they attacked, he could not stop them from crying out.

Suddenly the great creature from the sky swooped down on the last two guards, seizing them with its long gray talons and rising into the sky. Atol quickly glanced up and saw that the creature was still flying circles in the clouds.

“What are you?” he asked.

As he headed toward the courtyard, he saw gouges in the stone, perhaps made by the creature’s talons.

Down in the courtyard, the two trolls lumbered across the broken stones. Atol knew he could easily move around the trolls, slow and clumsy as they were.  But when six more guards joined the trolls, Atol deeply sighed. Removing the guards would not be so easy.  He must overtake them before they could sound an alarm.



*          *          *



“Not like new guards,” Undall grumbled. “Taste bad. Spoiled.”

“Not eat guards,” Kimli scolded. “Master send to help.”

“Need fresh guards. These spoiled,” Undall repeated.

“Stop eating guards!” Kimli snapped.

Hanging his head as he stumbled across the courtyard, Undall complained,

“Tired of guarding door.”

“Master say keep fire breather locked in and everyone out,” Kimli reminded him.

“He too little to breath fire,” Undal disagreed.

“Master say he dangerous,” Kimli responded.

Undall nodded his understanding.

When Kimli turned to pace in the other direction, he looked around and saw that only five guards remained.

Reaching out, he struck Undal and barked, “Stop eating guards!”

“I not. Master say not to,” Undal argued.

“Then why only five?” Kimli asked.

Undall looked around and said,

“Not five. Four.”

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