The Exile: Episode 47

Montgomery Miles had never reacted to a woman this way. His knees grew weak and he started to sweat profusely.

“Ooooh. Are you okay?” she pouted.

Miles managed to mumble a faint, “Y-yes.”

She looked around the floor then asked, “Is there someplace quiet I could sit down?”

“L-let’s go to my office,” Miles blurted out.

Stumbling over his feet, he led her through the tables to the back of the room where two guards watched a closed door. Slack jawed, one of the men gazed stupidly at Lorelei.

“Through here,” Miles said, letting her enter first.

When he saw the mesmerized guards, he snapped,

“Eyes front and hands off!”

In the back hall, Miles lead her to his office and fumbled with the keys before finally finding the right one. He opened the door and motioned for her to come in.

As she slipped past him, she let her nails slide across his chest. His knees started to shake as he stepped through the door. But when he looked up and saw a strange man standing in the corner, he froze.

“Who are you?” Miles demanded.

“He’s Cupid,” a man’s voice said, “and I’m the tooth fairy.”

Miles snapped his head to the right and saw a thin man wearing a long black coat leaning back in the desk chair.



*          *            *

As I sat in the driver’s seat listening to the radio for the go signal, I endured one after another stupid Heckle joke. Before tonight I had assumed his habit of nicknaming people and his goofy one liners had earned him his name. But after thirty exasperating minutes of nothing but dumb jokes, I knew better. He truly could be annoying.

“Okay. So a giraffe walks into a bar. . . ,” Heckle began.

Just as I reached up to pull out the earpiece and crush it under my heel, the radio cut on.

“We have our guest, Exile. Drive around to the side and pick us up.”

“Will do,” I answered.

I started the car and silently whispered, “Thank you.”

Pulling out of the parking lot across the street, I drove into a small alley and reached to cut off the headlights. Just as I leaned back in the seat, the side door opened and Cazonetti and Lorelei exited followed by Jeckle, a man thrown over his shoulder.



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