The Exile: Episode 46

“Montgomery Miles is the owner of Spartans Casino. He walks the floor eyeing the gamblers and fancies himself a people person. He’s also the only one who can give us the name and location of whoever’s in charge of the next level up in the organization trying to kill Wesley. The plan is quite simple. Lorelei will get Miles to take her back to his office where Cazonetti and I will be waiting to escort him from the premises. Heckle will be set up with a rifle and telescopic sight in a concealed place across the street. He’ll have a clear view to provide us cover, should we need it. Wesley, you’ll stay in the car and help keep an eye out. Watch for anything strange, and when we give the go, pull the car around to the side door. We’ll exit through there with Miles,” Jeckle explained.

“So that leaves just Lorelei to get Miles to his office?” I wondered aloud.

“Don’t trust me?” she asked.

“No it’s not that, honestly. I’m just worried you’ll be on your own,” I responded.

“Oooh. How sweet,” Lorelei said, clearly amused.

She glanced up at Circe who nodded and smiled slightly.

“Everyone clear?” Jeckle asked.

As he waited for questions, Heckle’s hand went up.

Jeckle responded with a simple, “Shut up.”

Heckle slowly lowered his hand and Jeckle said,

“All right. Let’s go.”



*          *            *

Montgomery Miles stood by the craps table placing a few light bets and cheering on the rollers. The casino was packed full of gamblers and their pay-by-the-hour dates. Miles couldn’t help smiling.

“Laughable how easy it is to rob these people,” he thought. “Just slap up a few bright lights, some gambling tables, and the lure of easy money draws them in faster than the homeless to a soup kitchen. To top it off, these girls draping most every guy’s arm work for me. It’s a great time to be alive and a gambler.”

Miles stepped away from the craps table and was reaching for another drink when the front door opened. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw her.

Standing just under six feet was the most captivating woman he had ever seen. Wearing a red dress that clung to her slender body like a second skin, she stood just inside the door as she slowly combed her crimson nails through long golden brown hair draped over her smooth shoulder.

“Classy. Natural,” he thought.

Her diamond choker glittered in the casino lights, and as she made her way over to him, Miles heard the rustle of fine satin.  He had seen plenty of ravishing women in his day, plenty. But this one. What was it about this one that bewitched him? He searched for words to describe her, but when she looked into his eyes, he forgot everything.

“Hi,” she said in a breathy voice.

Struck dumb, Miles finally managed to mumble a feeble hello.

“I’m new in town,” she said in a whisper.

“H-how can I help you?” Miles stammered.

“I don’t really know,” she sighed, looking around the room. “Just looking for a friend, I guess. I’m tired of being alone.”

At that moment, a tear broke from her eye and trailed slowly down her cheek, glistening as it caught the light.

Miles’s legs grew weak and he grabbed hold of the nearest table to steady himself.


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