The Train: Episode 31

Ken Caldwell couldn’t believe his luck. First he got promoted to working guard duty for Lucky Lawson, and now he was at Lawson’s Saloon with an open bar tab and the most beautiful blonde sitting across the table. He took a large gulp of whisky, squinted at the burn then put the glass down.

“Yeeeeer. . . ,” Caldwell began then paused a moment to compose himself.

” Yeeeeer the mosh amazing woman I duhnever seeeeen and I seen dem Frenchie dancersh in Dodge Sh-s-shs-city.”

Caldwell winked at the woman and took another swig.

The blonde giggled, lifted her glass for a sip and looked up coquettishly, her beautiful blonde hair draping across her eye.

“Vous êtes mignon,” she purred.

Caldwell let loose with a loud guffaw and drained his glass.

“Du-n-n-no what yo-o-o-u said, but it sound-d-d-ed sexy.”

Caldwell put down his empty glass, missing the table, and called for another.

The bartender brought another drink and placed it well away from the edge of the table.

“Try to hold on to this one,” he suggested as he swept up the broken glass.

” H-h-h-heeeeey! Yeerrr dun-n-n tell me what ta do,” Caldwell slurred. “You kn-n-n-ow who I yam? They call me the scalper.”

Caldwell laughed and raised his glass, whiskey sloshing over the rim.

“The Scalper?” the woman repeated, her French accent thick.

“Yo-o-o-ou like that?” Caldwell asked her smiling. “Ga-a-ave myself de name.”

“You are a dangerous man, non?” she asked.

“Ye-e-e-p,” Caldwell laughed.

The woman leaned closer, giving Caldwell a clear view of her cleavage.

“I like dangerous men,” she purred, running her hand down his arm.

“Yo-o-ou do-o-o?” Caldwell asked, his eyes half closed.

“I want to do something dangerous,” she said, her eyes growing wide.

“Ye-e-e-a?” Caldwell asked. “Whatcha wanna do?”

The woman giggled, turning her head away.


She laughed again and said,

“Vous ivre je veux la tête de votre maître.”

Caldwell whooped and said, “Th-h-hat is so sexy. Shtill du-n-n-no what yo-o-o-ur sh-sh-shaying.”

She laughed again and said,

“Oooh! Take me some place dangerous.”

” Wh-h-h-ere?'”

The woman thought for a moment then said, “Take me to the prison.”

Caldwell paused, “Yo-o-ou wanna go ta the jailh-h-h-ouse?”

Again she laughed, a laugh that made Caldwell melt.

“That is dangerous place, non?” she asked. “The more dangerous the better.”

Caldwell hesitated until he felt her hand running up his thigh.

“I kn-n-now, I kn-n-now a better place,” Caldwell said.

” Vous faites? Where?” she asked.

“Th-h-h-here’s this mine n-n-north of here. Itz wheeeere  Lawson keeps all hiz dangeroush men. No-o-o-body knows bout it. We’ can-n-n be al-l-lone,” Caldwell said.

“All alone?” she asked.

” Ye-e-e-p,” Caldwell lied.

“That sounds exciting,” she said with a slight wiggle of her smooth shoulders.

Caldwell finished his drink and said,

“Lez go, swe-e-e-etheart.”

The woman giggled as Caldwell rose from his seat. When he turned, he ran into a man standing close behind him.

“Mo-o-oveit, cow-w-wboy!” Caldwell snapped.

Reaching out, the man slapped Caldwell across the head and everything went dark.

*          *            *

As Ken Caldwell fell to the floor, Nicole looked up at Michael and demanded,

“What was that for?”

Michael looked down at Caldwell sprawled out on the floor and explained,

“He already gave us the location. Didn’t think he’d pass out so easily, though. And I did it for safety reasons.”

As she stood up from the table, Nicole assured him, “I was in no danger!”

Michael pointed to Caldwell and said, “No, his safety. Don’t pretend you weren’t going to open him up with that knife you’re palming.”

Nicole cursed in French and stabbed a small knife into the table.

“Well I deserve something,” she fussed. “This was my idea. I’m the one who followed him as he left that pig’s estate, and I’m the one who had to touch the toad.”

“Fine. You can kick him if that’ll make you feel better. Now let’s go,” Michael said.

In her defiance, Nicole stood still as Michael, Dr. Ricer and Lucy left the saloon. When she took one step towards Caldwell, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Spinning around to attack, she stopped when she saw Elliot Tombs.

“We need to talk,” he drawled.

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