The Exile Episode 44

“Hide?” I asked, questioning Lorelei’s warning.

Then figuring she knew more about this monster than I did, I decided to blend in with the crowd, not drawing attention to myself.

I quickly scrambled backwards till my back struck a wall. The Cyclops, as Heckle called him, was the biggest man I had ever laid eyes on. Here I was trying to be invisible while Heckle and Jeckle circled him like wolves. A rumbled mess, Cazonetti lay on the floor moaning, his face and hands nicked by the shattered glass.

“What are they doing?” I asked, quietly slipping up to Lorelei.

“Just wait,” she suggested.

In the midst of the chaos, I couldn’t help noticing that this woman was amazingly calm.

“How do we deal with him?” I asked.

We don’t,” Lorelei answered.

“What’s going on here?” a woman’s sensuous voice sounded from across the club.

Suddenly the music stopped and everyone turned to see a statuesque woman standing at the top of a long staircase. As she fairly floated down the steps, the soft green silk of her dress caught the light and shimmered, mesmerizing the crowd.

Her cherry blonde hair slipped over one eye, and her slender ivory hand seemed to stroke the banister as she descended. With a queenly carriage, she swept across the room to the Cyclops.

“You have forced your way into my club?” the woman asked, her gaze steady.

The Cyclops tried to answer, but he found he could not speak.

“Who is that woman?” I whispered to Lorelei.

“Circe,” Lorelei answered, keeping her eyes on the Cyclops.

“You will now apologize and leave,” Circe said.

“But ma’am. . .uh. . .I. . .um,” the Cyclops stammered.

“Michael,” Circe called, her sultry voice slicing through the air.

From the back of the club, a door opened and a giant of a man appeared. I figured he was at least 7 feet tall. Powerful muscles rippled beneath his bronzed skin as he approached. With a heavy step, he came alongside Circe and stopped.

“Is that—?”  I began.

“Michael Minos,” Lorelei interrupted. “The Minotaur.”

Reflexively, the Cyclops took a step back.

“Shall I ask my friend to escort you out?” Circe asked.

The Cyclops took another step back and rubbed a spot on his jaw.

“There’s a good boy,” Circe said. “Run along now.”

The Cyclops turned and hurried through the front door. Circe strolled over to Cazonetti and looked down.
“Michael, help this creature up, and keep an eye on him. I want no one to hurt him. . .but me,” she murmured.

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