The Exile Episode 41

Heckle and Jeckle examined the bodies that littered the floor of the old bus terminal.

“We got three dead over here and the rest are out cold. We’d better hit the road before they come to,” Jeckle warned.

“Well that got the blood pumping,” Cazonetti said, wiping the blood from his knuckles.

As we headed for the truck, I asked,

“Will somebody please tell me what’s going on?”

“Turns out there’s this large company that bribes and runs smaller businesses all over. One company, I don’t have a name yet, has gone out of its way to be the only game in town. Every one of its competitors has either been bought up or burned down. Calypso has been looking for the pull thread on this place,” Jeckle explained.

“Pull thread?” I asked confused.

“You know like the one thread you pull to unravel a sweater. She wasn’t having much luck pinning anything down. . .”

Jeckle turned to face me as he unlocked the truck.

“. . .until they tried to kill you. At that point, Calypso started tracking your involvement in their affairs. That lead her to your sister-in-law the reporter. Turns out she found the pull thread but was killed before she could tell anyone.”

“They insisted that she had sent something to me,” I remembered.

“They probably believe she did. But Calypso doesn’t think so. Your sister-in-law didn’t die in vain, man. Calypso was able to track what she was working on to find out everything about the company. They are going full force with a series of leaders and flunkies.”

Jeckle thought for a moment then started the engine and pulled out of the bus terminal’s parking lot.

“Think of it like a thirty-story building. The first floor doesn’t know who’s really in charge. They just answer to the guy on their floor giving them orders. And that guy doesn’t know who’s running things either. He just answers to the man on the second floor.”

“So to find the real boss, the head of this monster, we have to take out everybody working for him. Only one person knows who he is,” Jeckle said, pulling out into traffic.

“The most violent game of connect the dots ever,” Heckle laughed.

“Yep,” Jeckle nodded. “But at least now we know where to start. We find the first-floor boss and he’ll direct us to his boss and so on and so on until we reach the top of the food chain.”

“What’s the plan? Just kick down the door?” Heckle asked.

“Nope. Subtlety, my brother. We don’t want to alert the top until late in the game,” Jeckle answered.

“What do we do first?” I asked.

Heckle looked back at Cazonetti asleep in the bed of the truck and opened the sliding rear window.

“Cazonetti,” he called, reaching back to nudge him.

Cazonetti mumbled then answered,

“Yea. Yea. What’s up?” he yawned.

“We’re going to need to reach one of the sirens.”

At this, Cazonetti raised both hands and announced, “I’m out.”

“I doubt she’s still mad at you,” Jeckle said over his shoulder.

“Mad?” Cazonetti replied. “Man, she put a hit out on me.”

“Sissy!” Heckle responded.


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