Dragon Fire Episode 41

Atol and Terrin stood shoulder to shoulder facing the giant as the lizards dropped from the cavern walls to the floor.

His sword ready, Terrin asked Atol, “Do you have a plan?”

“You must face this barbarian brute,” Atol said. “Olon and I shall do battle with the rest.”

“But I am not a seasoned warrior as he,” Terrin pointed out.

“You will win this fight, young prince. Train your mind. Prepare your heart for victory. There is a rhythm, a flow, to every battle. You must find it and let it guide you through.”

Atol dove onto two of the lizards as Olon began pulling them under the earth one at a time.

Gathering his courage, Terrin positioned himself for attack. As he watched for the first strike, the brute patted the hilt of the sword at his side and raised a gigantic ax in the air. Suddenly Terrin’s weapon felt very small in his hand.

“You cannot be the one of whom they spoke. You are nothing more than a pup,” the giant taunted, his yellow teeth stained with blood.

“I may surprise you,” Terrin said, his heart pounding.

“There is no challenge here. I will finish you quickly and be on my way,” he scoffed as he lumbered towards Terrin.

Pulling his sword over his shoulder to generate power, Terrin struggled to control his fear.

“Time to die, little pup,” the brute sneered as he raised his ax.

When the ax came down and slammed into Terrin’s sword, he felt the sting in his arms and fought to hold on to his weapon.

Again the brute swung the ax, this time at Terrin’s head. Quickly rolling out of the sweep of the blade, Terrin blindly sliced through the air, striking his opponent’s fur boots and cutting off a few of the hairs.

“That tickled,” the brute laughed as he raised the ax and rotated to face Terrin.

Terrin blocked the strike and rolled out of the way. But when the giant kicked out with his boot, Terrin’s sword was knocked from his hand.

“Come on, pup,” the brute jeered. “Pick up your little stick and fight.”

Angrily scrambling to his feet, Terrin grabbed the sword and brought it back over his shoulder. Suddenly he felt a burning heat coming from the blade and heard himself yell. As the brute swung the ax, Terrin sliced through the ax’s handle and extended his left hand. A ball of fire burst from his fingers, striking the brute in the chest and throwing him backwards. The giant man hit the floor and slid to the mouth of the cave. Slowly standing, he paused then laughed as he reached for his sword.

“There is a demon in you, boy, . . .”

Terrin looked at his sword wreathed in flames.

“. . .and I am going to cut it out,” the man boasted.

But before the brute could unsheathe his sword, a paw the size of a small carriage came down on him, its dark blood-matted fur driving him into the dirt. Horrified, Terrin froze at the sight of its enormous claws, each one larger than a man. Atol stood very still as the last of the cave lizards fled.

“I fear there is something worse upon us,” he said.

The paw was that of an enormous bear whose body and roar filled the cave.

Olon quickly burrowed into the ground in front of the creature then surfaced, attacking its eyes.

When the creature swung its large head, Olon was knocked to the side. Dazed but for a moment, Olon studied the large creature then looked upward and barked out a series of sounds.

“What is Olon doing?” Terrin asked Atol.

“Calling for help,” Atol said.

Immediately Idrian answered, its screech slicing through the air.  Idrian filled the sky then flew through the opening in the mountainside. The large bear looked up just as Idrian dove upon it, digging its claws in the creature’s flesh. With a powerful push from its wings, Idrian lifted the bear out through the opening and up into the sky. Atol and Terrin quickly climbed out of the cave and watched as Idrian flew higher and higher, the beast still in its claws. Finally, Idrian released the bear, and it fell, slamming into the ground and shaking the earth. Idrian screeched as he swooped down and dove upon the beast.

“Should we help?” Terrin asked.

“They are titans, young prince,” Atol said. “We are mere mortals. We can but wait.”

Idrian and the bear fought for some time as Terrin and Atol watched in wonder. But when they suddenly heard a cry of pain, Atol fell to his knees.

“What is it?” Terrin asked.

“Idrian. He is wounded,” Atol answered.

Filled with fear, Terrin felt unsteady and a burning slowly worked its way through his body.

“We have to help. . . him,” Terrin mumbled as he dropped to the ground.

In the distance, he heard a thunderous roar. Just before his vision blurred and he slipped into a deep sleep, he felt the beat of dragon wings.


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