The Train Episode 26

When the lights flickered then came on, Michael saw that he was lying on the floor of the hotel ballroom. He sat up and touched his face. The wound from the blow of the chair leg was gone and his strength had returned. He looked around the room and saw only Nicole and Dr. Ricer crouched by the stage and Lucy at the door into the kitchen. The members of the wedding party and their guests had vanished.
As she slowly stood up, Nicole asked, “What happened?”
“I’m not sure,” Michael said confused.
“Lucy!” Ricer said, rushing over to his granddaughter.
“Grandpa!” she yelled as she ran toward him, her arms outstretched.
“Let’s get out of here!” Michael said. “Now!”
They turned and headed for the exit doors and the stairs down to the lobby. When they came out the front doors of the hotel, they saw police cars and a bomb squad truck. Michael walked over to one of the police officers and asked,
“What’s going on here?”
“Sir, you need to get back away from the building. We have a bomb threat,” the officer ordered, holding his hands up as he moved them backward.
Michael walked over to Nicole and Ricer who were heading for the police barrier.
“So?” Nicole asked Ricer.
“I’m not sure what’s going on?” Ricer said as he gripped Lucy’s hand.
“We get the murder and the quake, but what about the fire?” Nicole asked.
“Oh you know how the wiring is in these old buildings,” Brody said.
When Nicole turned toward the voice, she saw the strange man standing behind her, his white suit softly glowing in the city lights.
He wickedly grinned and said, “They could go up. . .”
Just then, the lobby windows in the building behind him blew out and explosions worked their way upward from floor to floor until the entire building was on fire.
Brody gave a gleeful shrug as he added,
“Like that.”
As everyone quickly turned to shield their faces, Brody moved closer to Michael and whispered in his ear,
“This is going to be fun.”
When Michael risked a glance up, Brody was gone. He saw Elliot in a nearby alley, motioning them over.
“Come on,” Michael said, grabbing the others.
Once they reached the alleyway, Elliot turned and started walking away.
“Since Brody blew out your exit,” he said, “I have to get you to a different one.”
He walked up to a door frame leaning against a wall at the back of the alley. The door had swung open, still attached to its hinges. Elliot closed the door and pushed the frame up flat against the wall, holding it in place for a moment.
In the distance they heard the distinct whistle of the train. Elliot paused a moment then opened the door. On the other side was the train station.
When they had all gone through the open door, Elliot turned and closed the door behind them.
“Who is Brody, that man in the white suit?” Michael asked Elliot.
“I’ll explain once you’re board,” Roscoe Bentley answered. “Hurry up. The train’s about to leave.”
As the train pulled away from the station, Michael turned to Roscoe.
“Who was that man, and what just happened? How are we supposed to fix anything and get home if you keep changing things.”
“We didn’t change anything. He did.” Roscoe said.
“Who? Brody?” Michael asked.
“Yes. I can’t tell you too much, but Dr. Ricer already knows who Brody is,” Roscoe said.
Everyone turned to Ricer. For a moment he looked terrified but then his eyes suddenly lit up.
“Where’s the photo?” he asked.
“What photo?” Nicole asked.
“Here,” Roscoe said, holding out an antique picture frame.
In the frame was a photo of four people—a woman, two men, and Brody.
“Who are they?” Lucy asked.
“They’re the original team on the train. These two were a married couple,” Roscoe said pointing to the images. “They were taking the train to go on their honeymoon. This man was a history professor who at the last minute bought a train ticket to attend a lecture.”
Ricer looked up at Roscoe.
“These were the first people on the train when it disappeared.”
Roscoe nodded.
“What about Brody?” Michael asked.
“He wasn’t supposed to be there,” Ricer said. “He just showed up after the train left the station.”
Ricer looked at Roscoe for affirmation. Roscoe nodded.
“You don’t know where he came from, do you, Roscoe? He’s been around long before the train. He was first spotted in Egypt when two slaves building a burial temple turned on one another. He slowly tormented and challenged your first team with contests and games until he got bored with them and killed them. He can change anything to fit his desire.”
“Can we stop him?” Nicole asked.
“No one has yet,” Ricer answered, his voice trembling.
“I’m getting some sleep,” Michael said tired and defeated.
“You all should,” Elliot advised. “Now that Brody has involved himself, things are going to get even more difficult.”

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