The Exile Episode 39

Seated beside Jeckle, I watched though the back window as Heckle and an unconscious Ferris Cazonetti bounced in the bed of the pickup truck every time we hit a bump in the road. At the edge of town, we pulled into the parking lot of an empty bus station and went inside. I couldn’t relax while we waited for I don’t know what, so I checked the bathrooms and kitchen to assure myself that no one else was there then fell into a pacing mode back and forth across the worn tile floor. Without a care in the world, Heckle sprawled out on a bus seat and started snoring while Jeckle hoisted himself up onto one of the lunch counter stools and started swinging his leg as he tossed one sunflower seed after another into his open mouth then spit the empty hulls to the floor.
“What do we do now?” I asked as I made my second turn across the room.
“First thing is,” Jeckle said, “we wait for Calypso to call.”
Asleep on the floor where Jeckle had laid him, Cazonetti began to mumble and grunt as he slowly came to.
“Is he going to be okay?” I asked, stopping to watch him.
“Yeah. He’ll be fine,” Jeckle assured me.
I resumed my pacing and after a long stretch asked,
“What purpose do I serve here?”
“Sorry?” Heckle sat up awake now.
“You two have combat skills,” I said waving my finger from Heckle to Jeckle. “I’m not sure what he does,” motioning toward Cazonetti,” but I know he’s dangerous.”
“What part do I play in all this?”
“You’re the bait,” Heckle answered coolly.
“What?” I barked, coming to an abrupt halt.
At that, Cazonetti suddenly sat straight up.
“What happened?” he slurred, rubbing his eyes with the heels of his hands.
“You did it, boy,” Heckle said, “all over the rug.”
“What?” Cazonetti asked confused.
“Forget about him. He thinks he’s funny,” Jeckle said.
Cazonetti slowly stood, staggered, then stumbled off toward the counter.
“I need a drink,” he groaned.
“See it’s like this,” Jeckle said turning toward me. “Do we need to draw in the people hunting you? Yes. Will you be hiding most of the time? Course not. We’re going to teach you basic combat and train with you. We can’t be looking out for you all the time.”
“Besides,” Heckle added. “You need to be able to defend yourself. If something happens to you, Calypso will kill us.”
“Guys?” Cazonetti called.
“One minute, dude,” Heckle said.
“You follow along and then when you’re ready, you take the lead,” Jeckle explained.
“Guys? Am I still stoned or is there a dump truck coming right at us?” Cazonetti asked.
Heckle and Jeckle whirled around toward Cazonetti who was standing by the front windows of the bus station. They looked at each other then flew toward the window just in time to see a truck hurtle across the parking lot and jump the sidewalk outside the station.

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