The Train Episode 25

Pinned to the floor of the conference room, Michael watched helplessly as the armed men filled the lobby. Too scared to move, Lucy pressed her trembling body against the wall, her wide eyes pleading for Michael to protect her. His head throbbing from the strike of the chair leg, Michael struggled to free himself, fighting against the weight of the man above him.

“Now you’re going to get yours, boy,” the man sneered as he pressed his arm against Michael’s throat.

“Hurt me all you want—,” Michael began.

“Oh don’t worry. We will,” the man laughed, interrupting.

“Nice and slow,” he rasped, looking up at the other men and grinning.

“Just don’t hurt her,” Michael asked.

The men stopped laughing, and looked at him.

“Who?” the man asked, as he continued holding down Michael.

“Her,” Michael said, motioning with his eyes toward Lucy.

The men turned their heads in Lucy’s direction then looked at each other confused.

“He’s lost his mind,” one man snorted.

“Ain’t no one there, chum. You’re seeing things,” another said, bending down to laugh in Michael’s face.

One of the men stepped closer and raised a broken table leg, nails protruding from the jagged wood.

“A good blow to the side of your head should knock the crazy right out.”

That started them laughing again and brought fresh strength to Michael. Again he fought against the man’s hold, but the blow to his face had weakened him. His legs felt like dead weights.



*          *          *

“We’re almost out of here,” Nicole assured Dr. Ricer as she cautiously peeked around the corner. Hiding as they slowly worked their way down, they had finally reached the second floor. One more hallway to go and they would be at the stairs leading to the front door.

“Ready?” Nicole asked Ricer.

“What about Lucy?” he asked.

“She’ll be fine. I promise. Now let’s go,” Nicole ordered.

As soon as Nicole stepped out from their hiding place, a light suddenly came on. At the other end of the hallway, between them and the stairwell door, stood two men holding fully automatic machine guns.

“Get down!” Nicole yelled, diving back to cover.

Staying in place, Ricer quickly bent his knees in obedience.

Just then the men opened fire, filling the hallway with gunfire as bullets tore through the shelves lining the walls. Nicole knew she had to get them out of there. They wouldn’t be safe where they were for long. She decided to stay down until their guns overheated or ran out of ammo. Then she’d fire off two shots while they reloaded. One bullet each. That’s all she would need.

A few minutes passed and the firing continued.

“They should have stopped to reload by now,”  Nicole thought.

Cool as steel, she weighed the situation. She and Ricer couldn’t move and risk getting hit. But staying put wasn’t an option either. Soon their cover would be torn to bits.

When Ricer looked at Nicole, his eyes full of fear, she whispered, “I’m sorry.”



*          *          *

Brody stood atop the hotel roof looking out over the city as though it were his own smiling from time to time.

“Get out of that,” he shouted above the sound of the traffic below.

A grin worked itself across his face, and he slowly nodded his head.

” Looks like your train picked a lousy group, Roscoe.”

Suddenly Brody heard a low growling behind him. When he turned to investigate, he saw a dog, its fur on end, with one of its eyes closed shut.

As he stared at the dog, he felt the cold steel of a gun barrel press against the back of his neck and a man’s thick deep voice drawl,

“That’s enough.”

Brody smiled and raised his hands.

“Well, well. Elliot Tombs. I was wondering when you’d show up.”

“You know how this works. They’re on their own unless things get out of hand, and then I show up. Now let them go.”

“But why would I do that?” Brody asked.

Elliot slowly pulled back on the hammer.

With a malevolent smile, Brody said,

“You know you can’t kill me.”

“Maybe not. But this gun can hurt you and knock you out of the game for a while.”

Brody dropped his arms and crossed them.

“Fine. You never were any fun. What do you want?”

“As I said, let them go. You’ve shown off enough,” Elliot growled.

At that, the lights across the city flickered and went out, leaving the hotel in darkness.

Brody grumbled, “Happy?”

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