The Cadillac Diaries Episode 38

The rain had slowed to a light mist as Ray pulled up outside the police station where Sabella’s father was being held.

“Looks like it’s finally letting up,” Tommy said, rubbing at the fog on the Cadillac’s windshield.

“Hey! Don’t wipe the glass with your hand, Tommy. You know that leaves behind streaks,” Ray scolded.

“Fussy ole hen. I was just—” Tommy began.

“Are you going to help my daddy, Mr. Ray?” Sabella interrupted.

Turning around in his seat, Ray looked back at the young girl. Her innocent face was bright and cheerful.

“I’ll do everything within my power, sweetie. I promise.”

She nodded her understanding, but her slumped shoulders and tight lips told Ray she wasn’t happy with his answer.

Trying to reassure the child, Ray gave her a big smile then looked at Pete who had worked his way into her lap.

“Come on, boy,” he said, opening the door.

Pete hopped up in the driver’s seat then jumped down to the pavement and followed Ray to the station.

As he ascended the steps toward the front entrance, Ray suddenly felt an uneasiness pass over him. He stopped at the door and looked around. Something wasn’t right. What was it?

Grabbing the door handle, he paused for a moment then shrugged his shoulders and walked inside.

*          *          *

Parked a few car lengths down the street in a blue ’67 Plymouth, Porter Daniels slumped down in the back seat, his faded leather jacket riding up and exposing his thin back. He squinted through a pair of binoculars at the front door of the police station as Raymond Slats paused on the front steps.

“He know we’re here?” Daniels asked.

“Nope,” the driver answered.

Lowering the binoculars for a moment, Daniels glanced up at the driver, a tall man with tousled hair, greasy from too much hair gel.  A burning cigarette hung from the corner of his mouth, ash dropping onto his coat as he spoke.

Daniels raised the binoculars and turned his sights back to the police station just as Slats shrugged his shoulders and walked inside. Daniels sat up straight and lay the binoculars beside him.

“So what’s the deal with Father Time there?” Daniels asked, motioning towards the police station. “The boss went through a lot to get me out. Why exactly are we stalking him?”

“Mr. Slats is hiding something, and our employer wants to know what.”

“And how am I supposed to find that out?” Daniels asked as he wiped the binocular lenses. “I’m not exactly family friendly.”

“You’re going to kill him,” the driver coolly answered, slowly turning his head toward Daniels.

“Kill him? How is that going to tell us what he’s hiding? If it’s just a matter of killing him, why don’t you do it?” Daniels asked, looking up at the driver.

But when he saw the driver’s empty eyes, he quickly recoiled and held up his hands.  “Sorry. I forgot you’re the great Alexander Kinsky, the King’s horseman. You only deal with the best.”

Kinsky turned back to stare out the windshield. Daniels studied him for a moment. The man peered ahead, his eyes never blinking.

“Where in the world did he find you?” Daniels asked. “He did find you, right? He didn’t hatch you or summon you from another world, did he?”

Kinsky turned again and stared at Daniels.

“All right, all right. Shutting up,” Daniels said.

“Get out,” Kinsky ordered.

Daniels stepped out of the car and looked around.

“It’s pretty foggy out here. I could get hit.”

“Move!” Kinsky added.

Daniels slammed the door shut and the Plymouth sped off.

He watched as Kinsky disappeared into the fog. Looking up ahead at the police station, he said,

“Well let’s go see what tricks the old man is hiding.”



*          *          *

Sabella’s father paced back and forth in his cell, turning over and over the events of that night.

” Simplemente no entender lo que sucedió?” he asked himself aloud.

“What did happen?” Ray asked, suddenly appearing outside the bars.

“Me niego a decir nada en inglés!” the man snapped.

“Yea. That’s not going to work. I speak Spanish,” Ray answered.

Sabella’s father paused for a moment then said,

” Eu não estou respondendo todas as perguntas.”

“Yea. Well I speak Portuguese too,” Ray replied.

Frustrated, the man growled,

“I’m not going to answer any questions.”

“That won’t stop me from investigating this case,” Ray assured him.

“I didn’t hire you, and I’m not hiring you,” the man barked.

“No, you didn’t hire me. But someone out there believes you are innocent and wants me to stop at nothing to prove it,” Ray explained.

Ray turned around to leave.

“Whoever hired you, tell them I am guilty. I killed him!”

“Afraid I can’t do that,” Ray said,  as he headed off. “Your daughter loves you too much to hear that.”

“Sabella,” the man whispered as Ray disappeared.



*          *          *

After Ray left the holding cells, he spotted Richard and Deborah coming in the front doors of the precinct. Without stopping, Ray quickly turned on his heel and took almost three steps before Deborah yelled,


Ray grimaced and turned to face Deborah.

“Sweetie. Hi.”

“Don’t sweetie me,” Deborah snapped.

“What did I do now?” Ray asked.

“You know that Chambers is out there somewhere. He tried to kill you once already.”

Ray shrugged, “I’m not worried about him. He’s probably well away from here, somewhere out there making up for lost time.”

Ray moved past her, reaching for the door. He knew Deborah meant well, but he had to stay focused and help Sabella’s father.

“Daddy!” Deborah snapped again.

“Ray, please,” Richard pleaded as Ray opened the front door and stepped out into the thick fog, hanging in folds across the city.

As Ray paused for a moment trying to remember where he had parked the Cadillac, Richard and Deborah exited the station behind him.

“Please, Daddy. It’s not safe out here,” Deborah begged.

“Relax, dear. I’ll be fine,” Ray replied, trying to calm her.

Suddenly, a shot rang out, sending a bullet punching into the wall just two feet from Ray’s head.

“Get down!” Richard yelled as he pulled Deborah to her knees and reached into his coat for his weapon.

Still standing, Ray turned and looked at the hole in the wall then in the direction the shot was fired.

“Daddy! Get down!” Deborah screamed.

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