The Train Episode 24



Wishing she were safe with her grandfather, Lucy clung to Michael as they left the pool house. They hurried down a short, narrow hallway with gray metal lockers along both walls then slipped through a door into a small lobby. His eyes scanning the room, Michael searched for a flight of stairs to the ground floor. When he spotted two stairwell signs near an elevator, he said,

“Do me a favor, Lucy. Go try the elevator.”

The young girl slowly walked over to the elevator and pushed the down button while Michael went to check the stairwell doors. When he tried the handle of the first one, he found it wouldn’t give.

“Strange. No sign of a keyed lock,” he thought.

Taking a few steps back, Michael kicked the door several times but it didn’t budge. Trying the other stairwell door, he found it wouldn’t open either. He turned to Lucy who was still punching the elevator door button.

“No luck I take it?”

“None yet,” she replied with calm patience.

As he stood beside Lucy, Michael quickly looked around the lobby and saw a door across the floor with a brushed metal nameplate marked CONFERENCE ROOM.

“Come on. We don’t have time to wait for the elevator,” he said grabbing her hand.

At the conference room door, Michael released his hold on Lucy and instructed,

“Stay here.”
Inside the conference room, Michael stood by the open door, his eyes adjusting to the darkness. The room was empty except for a few chairs here and there, and it looked like the room hadn’t been used in some time.  He took a few steps in, then feeling uneasy stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Lucy asked, her hand on the door.

“Close the door, and don’t come in here,” Michael cautioned over his shoulder.

Suddenly, he heard a thump behind him and spun around just in time to see the leg of a chair strike him across the jaw. Stunned, he fell to the floor. As he struggled to clear his head, he felt a heavy weight pressing against him.

“Got you this time, boy,” a man’s raspy voice whispered in his ear.

When Michael heard Lucy scream, he looked up and saw three more men appear just outside the door,  gripping whatever they had snatched along the way for a weapon. Michael fought against the man who pushed him down, trying to free himself.

“Not yet,” the man spat.

“Run, Lucy!” Michael yelled as the armed men slowly moved toward her.

“Michael!” Lucy cried out.



*          *            *

“I want him found, and I want him dead!” the groom barked.

“Oh we’ll find him. Don’t you worry about that,” the best man reassured.

“Nope,” a voice said from the shadows.

When the groom and best man turned toward the voice, they saw a dark-skinned man dressed in a white suit that seemed to glow when he stepped into the light.

As the dark man came closer, the best man raised a fire ax and leapt toward him, but the strange man just shook his head and swept his hand through the air. The best man fell suddenly to the floor and dropped the axe. Its handle snapped, and the blade slid across the floor.

Leaning over to the best man, he pressed a finger on his forehead. When he screamed in pain, the dark man raised up and smiled.

“If you’re quite finished displaying your lack of intelligence, I will continue.”

Uneasy, the groom watched the man for a moment then said,

“All right. You have my attention.”

“You’ve been going about things all wrong. You’re trying to chase down a fox who is quite adept at running. You must bring him to you.”

“How? He’s by himself,” the groom answered.

“No, imbecile, he isn’t. Two others are trying to escape while you chase endlessly after him,” he said. “Now if something were to happen to those two, perhaps the fox would come to you.”

“Okay, I get it,” the groom said.

“But that’s not all,” the dark man said.

“What else?” the groom asked.

“One of the two will kill with no hesitation,” he warned.  “You must prepare yourself. No more toys. It’s time to raise the stakes.”

“Who are you?” the groom asked.

The dark man smiled and said, “You may call me Brody. Now don’t worry. I’m just here for the love of the game.”

At that, Brody snapped his fingers and the closets behind him flew open, guns and swords tumbling out onto the floor.

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