The Train: Episode 23

In the pool house, Michael found an Olympic sized swimming pool. He looked around and saw that the deck surrounding the pool was clear. The lights were on in the pool and a light steam rose from the heated water.

“That’s odd,” he said looking at the water.

“What?” Lucy asked.

“Never mind. Just being paranoid. Come on.”

Michael led Lucy past the pool and headed towards the door on the other side. Halfway down he stopped and released Lucy’s hand. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up.

“What’s wrong?” Lucy asked.

“If I was less imaginative, I’d have someone attack me right about now.”

Michael paused but when nothing happened, he looked toward Lucy and said,

“False alarm.”

Just as he reached for Lucy’s hand, one of the groomsmen exploded from the supply closet, tackling Michael and pulling them both into the water.

The water was unbearably hot, about 180 degrees, Michael guessed. He knew if he stayed too long, he would suffer. As the attacker held him by the throat, Michael’s training came back to him.

Surviving an underwater attack:

Step 1:  Remain calm.

Michael closed his eyes and focused.

Step 2: Never let the attacker get hands around your throat. An underwater headlock can be deadly.

Step 3: Use your feet to attack. Feet are faster than hands under water.

Step 4: If the attacker has a mask, remove it to help blind him.

Michael strained to open his eyes in the hot water and saw that his attacker’s eyes were shut. When he brought his arms down on the man’s forearms, they buckled at the elbows, loosening the attacker’s hold around Michael’s throat. Pulling him in, Michael poked his eyes then kicked his knees. The man pushed back and tried to rub his eyes without opening them.

Step 5: Stay low, keep your guard up and keep moving.

Step 6: Plan ahead. You can’t move as quickly under water.

Michael slowly swam backwards towards the wall then crawled out of the pool. The attacker came toward the pool’s edge and began to pull himself up. When his head was fully exposed, Michael kicked him in the forehead.

Stunned, the man fell backwards and floated on the surface of the water. Hurriedly, Michael looked around for Lucy but didn’t see her. Suddenly he heard a voice over his shoulder,

“Did you misplace her again?”

Michael whipped around and saw Brody by the wall, his arms crossed.

“What are you?” he asked, wiping the water from his face.

Moving forward, Brody looked sideways at Michael, a restrained glee in his eyes.

“What happened to find out who I am?”

Michael’s eyes darted around the room, hoping to see Lucy.

“Who is nothing more than a question to find out what name I should call you. And trust me, I know what name I’m going to call you,” Michael retorted.

Brody snickered a little and after a pause said,

“I’ll give you a hint. After all, what fun would it be if I just told you the answer?”

Brody turned away and with each step he spoke,

“I’m the Cat. . .I’m the spider. . .I’m the coyote. . .I’m the Rabbit. . .I’m the fox. . .I’m the Satyr.”

Suddenly he turned and stared at Michael as he added,

“I’m the Giant Killer.”

Just then the lights in the pool house shut off. Groping his way over to his bag, Michael fumbled around for a flashlight. When he pulled out a small LED light, he clicked it on and swept the room. Brody was gone.

“Great,” Michael groaned. He turned the flashlight toward the pool and saw that the unconscious groomsman was still floating on the water.

“Well at least there’s one less nut in this fruit salad.”

“Lucy!” Michael called out.

“I’m here,” she said, walking up to Michael.

“Where’d you disappear to? I couldn’t find you!” Michael said frustrated.

“I’ve been here the whole time,” Lucy insisted.

Michael knew he hadn’t seen her but decided to let it go.

“Come on,” he said grabbing her hand. “We need to get out of here.”

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