The Train: Episode 22


Keeping his eye on the psychotic wedding party, Michael stepped over the bride’s mother and ordered,

“Get ready to run!”

With fire axe raised, the maniacal bride charged toward Michael, the crowd on her heels. Her bloody wedding dress twisted itself around her ankles, slowing her down.

“What about Lucy?” Dr. Ricer asked.

“I’ll find her. Just go!” Michael snapped as he prepared to fight.

Bending his knees, he balanced his weight and braced himself for the charging woman. As he slowed his breathing, he focused on the bride’s arm. When she swung out at him, Michael caught her arm, pivoted on his left leg and spun her around, throwing her back toward the crowd. She whirled sideways through the air and landed with a thud to the floor, rolling into the wedding party and tripping the groom and his groomsmen.

When Michael glanced over his shoulder, he discovered that Ricer was still in the ballroom.

“Run now!” he snapped.

“I am not leaving without Lucy!” Ricer yelled back.

“I can’t find her and protect you at the same time, Doc,” Michael reasoned with him.  “Nicole, help me. Get him out of here! I’ll be right behind you.”

Without a word, Nicole grabbed Ricer’s arm and fairly lifted him into the air, forcing him from the room, as Michael snatched up his bag and ran for the kitchen door.

Pushing open the door, Michael found the room empty.

He tossed the bag onto the nearest table and pulled out the King, loaded it with rock salt, and tucked a few extra shells into his left pocket. In the right, he dropped a few riot rounds.

About half the wedding party would come after him, he figured, while the others would chase Nicole. Throwing the bag over his shoulder, Michael quickly scanned the kitchen calling out,


Just then the kitchen door flew open and one of the groomsmen rushed in gripping a broken bottle. Without looking to the door, Michael pulled the King’s trigger and the groomsman flew backwards.

His eyes darting from the room to the door, Michael called again,

“Lucy, are you in here?”

From behind one of the pantry doors came a dull thump. Michael slowly moved toward the sound, his weapon raised.

When he pulled open the pantry door, he saw two kitchen staff huddled inside with Lucy smothered between.

“They won’t let me go,” Lucy pleaded.

“I need to take her with me,” Michael said.

Suddenly, the kitchen door swung open a second time and another groomsman exploded into the room wielding a kitchen knife. Michael turned to face him, raised the King, and with an extended left arm waited to see if the man would back down. But when he advanced, Michael pulled the trigger. The King barked out a second shot and the groomsman flew backwards.

Tightly holding Lucy, one of the kitchen staff said,

“She’s not safe out there.”

Reaching for his holster, Michael pulled out Priscilla, a Smith and Wesson Model 500 revolver loaded with hollow points, and aimed at the woman.

“Ma’am, I don’t have time to argue, so I’ll be brief. She’s a lot safer with me than you are with her.”

At first, the woman frowned. But when Michael’s meaning dawned on her, she promptly loosened her grip.

Lucy climbed out of the pantry and ran to Michael.

“See,” Michael said smiling. “Who says people in a crisis can’t think straight?”

Slipping Priscilla back into his holster, he loaded two more rounds into the King and reached to close the pantry door.

“I’ll just close this, so you two can be alone.”

He stopped halfway and said,

“Now you two behave in there.”

“I’m sorry, Michael,” Lucy apologized. “I just wanted to see what happened.”

“It’s all right, sweetie, but from now on, you must stick with us.”

Lucy nodded her agreement.

“Good. Now let’s get you out of here. There’s way too much crazy in the ballroom, so we’ll go another way.”

Michael took Lucy’s hand and led her through a door marked TO POOL.

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