The Train: Episode 20

In the darkened ballroom, the guests stumbled about, reaching for their loved ones. But within seconds that felt like minutes, the emergency lights came on and everyone calmed down.

“What happened?” Dr. Ricer asked.

“The lights cut out,” Michael said. “Nothing to worry about.”

“No. I mean why did the time frame suddenly change,” Dr. Ricer exclaimed.

“It did, didn’t it, doc,” Michael agreed. “So let’s ask Mr. Brody.”

But when they turned to question him, the odd man had vanished.

Nicole asked, “Dr. Ricer, who was that?”

Puzzled and a bit uneasy, the professor just shook his head,

“I wish I knew.”

“We don’t have a lot of time to figure this out,” Michael reminded everyone. “We need to get busy.”

When the emergency lights suddenly flickered, some of the more jittery guests began to murmur.

“Relax, folks. Relax,” Jack, the father of the bride, said raising his hands. “I’m sure it’s just a small power fluctuation. Everything’s fine.”

Looking over the crowd, Michael’s eyes locked onto one particular guest, a young man with dull red hair. As he made his way toward the kitchen, he kept nervously looking about, taking care to avoid contact with any of the guests.

“I think I may have someone,” Michael indicated with a nod of his head.

“I see him,” Nicole said, her eyes fixed on the man.

“I’ll be right back,” Michael announced, moving towards the crowd.

“Shouldn’t someone go with you?” Dr. Ricer suggested.

“I’ll be fine, doc. You guys just stay put and keep an eye out.”

While Michael slowly worked his way through the crowd, he kept his eye trained on the red-haired man whose head twitched as his eyes darted from side to side. Just then, Michael spotted Brody, standing by the band joking with one of the groomsmen.

“Curious,” Michael thought then shook his head clear and turned back to the red-haired man. He noticed that he kept reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling back an empty hand, as though to reassure himself that the contents were still in place.

By now, he had worked his way through the crowd and reached the kitchen. When he disappeared behind the swinging doors, Michael hurried forward and ducked inside. As he stepped onto the black and white checkered tile floor, he caught movement in the corner of his eye.

He spun around, narrowly missing the blade of a knife. When the red-haired man lunged again, Michael ducked and pivoted on his heels, turning to face his assailant.

Michael quickly slid his right foot behind him and reached up, grabbing the hand that held the weapon and twisting it down, plunging the knife into the man’s leg. Before he could scream out in pain, Michael had his hand around his throat. In one rapid movement, he swept the man’s leg out from under him and slammed him to the floor.

Stunned by this unexpected struggle, the kitchen staff stood with their mouths agape. When the man moaned then slipped into unconsciousness, Michael quickly checked his pockets for identification.

“Well, Mr. Reynolds,” Michael said, pulling out a driver’s license from the black leather wallet,  “looks like you won’t be attacking anyone for a while.”

He gently checked Reynolds’s pulse and found it slow but steady. Grabbing a handful of towels, he pressed them to the bleeding wound and called over one of the staff.

“Keep pressure on that. And someone call 911,” Michael ordered.

“That should hold him until the ambulance arrives.”

Michael stood and made his way out of the kitchen, hurrying back to Dr. Ricer and the others.

“So?” Dr. Ricer asked.

“It’s done,” Michael said as he checked his watch, “with time to spare.”

“What happened?” Nicole asked.

“Some crazy guy tried to stab me. I knocked him out and left him in the kitchen. Once they find him, all we’ll have left to do is escape the hotel fire,” Michael explained.

Suddenly from the kitchen came the shrill of a woman’s scream.

“Guess they found him,” Michael grinned.

“What is it!” the bride’s father asked.

“It’s Jacob Reynolds,” cried the screaming woman. “He’s been shot!”

“Yep. . .Wait!. . .What?” Michael asked, turning suddenly to the kitchen.

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