The Train: Episode 19

“Do we even have an idea as to who is responsible for the murder?” Michael asked.

“I’m not sure,” Dr. Ricer replied.

“Figuring this out won’t be too difficult,” Nicole said. “Someone planning a murder will be focused on the target. Murders happening from a place of emotion are spontaneous, so we need to keep an eye on those who seem to be upset.”

“A little unnerving how calm you are about this,” Michael said.

With a hard look in her eyes, Nicole turned toward Michael.

“We were each brought in for our talents,” she reminded him. “I just happen to be in my element here.”

Looking away she mumbled, “Course I’m usually the one planning the murder.”

All the guests in the ballroom seemed to be gathered near the bandstand, some laughing and talking while others danced.

“You do not belong here,” a strong voice came from behind.

The group from the train turned to see a tall young man dressed in a suit so white it seemed to shimmer against his burnished bronze skin. His close-shaven head held sparkling brown eyes flecked with black.

“I’m sorry?” Michael asked.

The man lowered his head to conceal a smile and softly snickered. When he raised his head, he repeated,

“You do not belong here. You are not registered guests at this party.”

“No, but we are distant friends of the host. At the last minute, he heard we were in town, so he told us just to drop by,” Dr. Ricer lied.

With a twinkle in his eyes, the young man leaned in and whispered,

“Don’t worry. I don’t belong here either.”

“Who are you?” Nicole asked.

The man smiled and answered, “Oh just an observer.”

Stepping forward, he moved up to the front of the group, placing himself between them and the partygoers.

“Although it may not look like it, this occasion is actually a wedding celebration,” he said.

“Really?” Michael responded.

“Yes,” he replied. “Let me introduce the players. Shall I?”

“Players?” Nicole asked.

Ignoring Nicole’s question, he said, “First the bride.”

“Her name is Genevieve. An awkward name some say. A little old fashioned perhaps. No matter.”

As he spoke, he pointed to a tall, graceful woman, her lustrous auburn hair pulled back in a ponytail that bounced against the sheer fabric of her white gown as she laughed and joked with two of the guests.

“Lovely young girl. Hopes to be a doctor one day,” he continued. “She is accompanied by her parents Gwen and Jack. Jack owns a string of tire shops, and Gwen works for the company that owns this building.”

“Such a lovely couple, aren’t they?” the man asked.

Before anyone could answer, he turned to the other side of the room and continued with his introductions.

“The groom. His name is Isaac. Tonight Isaac is here with his mother Trudy. Isaac’s father died a number of years ago in an accident. Pity. Dear Trudy never remarried. She happens to work with Genevieve’s mother. Probably how the young couple met. Isaac is also here with his best man and groomsmen, all college buddies, his back up. Alphabetically, they are Bobby, Drew, Jacob, Jarred, and Zack,” the man explained as he smiled.

“Now in less than five minutes, someone is going to die, which will start a chain reaction and pull everyone into the middle of a big ole mess,” he said grinning.

“No, that’s going to happen in fifteen minutes,” Dr. Ricer corrected.

“Not anymore. I got bored,” the man said. “Question is, who will be the first to go?”

“Who are you?” Michael insisted impatiently.

With a jolly smile that showed every tooth in his head, the man gave a slight bow and said, “You may call me Brody, and you might want to hold on to something.”

“What?” Dr. Ricer asked confused.

Suddenly the building began to shake and rumble, tipping over tables and chairs. As the ceiling and walls crumbled, the lights flickered, and in the darkness someone screamed.

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