The Exile: Episode 31


With my eyes fixed, I turned myself a little to the side, and kept the rifle on the beefy man who was pointing a pistol at my face. I had to be ready to react, to move or defend myself.

“I don’t know why you’re so dang important to the others. To me, you’re just in the way,” he snarled.

“I’m after that fine looking woman you’re guarding. Like to get my hands on that!”

Raising his shaggy eyebrows, he cackled as he reached to pull back the gun’s hammer.

Suddenly a rock spiraled through the air striking the man on the forehead.

“Ow,” he yelled.

Seizing the opportunity, I fired, sending a bullet tearing through the man’s upper thigh. Falling over, he dropped the pistol as he clutched at his leg and moaned. Quickly I stepped in, struck him in the head with the butt of the rifle, leaving behind a large cut, and kicked the pistol away into the tall grass.

“You were supposed to go out,” I said. “You’ve gotta’ have a thick skull”

I turned the rifle around and took a step back.

The man looked dazed as he rubbed the gash on his forehead.

Cocking the rifle, I ejected the empty shell and pointed the barrel at his head.

This time the man began yelling for help.

I didn’t know if he was alone or if his friends were nearby and would come running at the sound of his voice.

“Shut up!” I ordered.

“I don’t want to kill you, but I will if I have to.”

“Your pals will find you soon enough. If you keep yelling, I’ll have another go at your head, this time with the barrel.”

When the man suddenly went quiet, I began to slowly back away. After I was a good distance off, I turned to leave but stopped short when I ran into the woman and her child standing there.

“Thank you,” I said.

“For what?” she asked.

“For throwing the rock,” I said. “You saved my life.”

“I didn’t throw a rock. I came back to see what had happened because I heard gunfire. And when I got closer, I saw you,” she explained.

Confused and scared, I carefully scanned the tree line. When I spied an old pickup truck parked not far from a small house and barn, I said,

“Come on. Let’s get out of here.”

Grabbing her son’s hand, the woman ran behind me as we headed for the truck and maybe a way out of this.

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