The Cadillac Diaries: Episode 31


“Who’s here?” Nurse Diane Hickman asked Ray.

“The ax man! Now come on! We’ve got to get to Hayes.”

Ray looked around and noticed that the hall was empty.

“Where’s the staff?”

“After hours, Ray. It’s usually quiet at night, so we don’t have many on the night shift. They’re either with patients or in the staff lounge. How did the ax man find out about this place anyway?” Diane asked as they ran down the hall.

When they reached Hayes’ room, Ray was relieved to see that the door was closed with all three locks in place.

“Open it. Hurry, Diane. Make sure he’s okay, and then we have to get the staff out,” Ray commanded.

“How did the ax man find out about this place?” Diane repeated.

As she fumbled for the keys, the overhead emergency light buzzed and flickered.



*          *            *

“That’s odd,” the receptionist said as he stood at the end of the darkened hallway leading from the hospital entrance to the front desk.

“These hall lights should have come back on when the generator kicked in.”

He turned and headed back to his desk to call maintenance and report the outage.

Just as he punched in the number, the lights suddenly came back on.

“This place needs some major rewiring,” he said as he hung up the phone and settled in behind his desk.

When he heard a tapping on the glass partition, he looked up to see someone wearing a hood and holding an ax. Before he could make a sound, the hooded figure raised a pistol and shot through the glass plate, killing the receptionist and knocking him to the floor.

Without a word, the figure withdrew the gun and walked away.



*          *            *

“Listen, Ray. That was gun fire,” Diane said, nervously looking up.

“I know. He’s coming this way,” Ray said.

When she finally opened the door, they saw Herbert Hayes frozen in place on the edge of the bed.

Terrified, Hayes sat motionless while Ray and Diane struggled to get him up and moving.

“Come on, Herbie. We need to go now. It’s very important. Okay?” Diane said, trying to disguise the fear in her voice.

Herbie slowly stood, leaning against Diane as she followed Ray out of the room and down the hall.

When Ray came to a standstill, she asked, “Why’d we stop?”

Looking toward the right, she knew the answer. At the end of the hallway, stood the ax man, a pistol in his right hand and an ax in his left.

“Why did he come here?” Diane asked.

“He’s cleaning up anybody who survived the first time,” Ray answered.

As the ax man moved toward them, Ray quickly looked around.

“Where’s another way out of here,” he asked Diane.

At the sight of the ax man, Herbie went limp.

“Just up ahead there’s a door that leads to the kitchen. Two up on the left,” Diane answered as she helped Herbie stand.

“Come on!” Ray said running for the door. “Need help with him?”

“No. I’ve got it,” Diane answered.

When they reached the door, Ray jerked it open. Once Diane had helped Herbie through, Ray closed the door swiftly, locking it behind them.

“Think that’s going to stop him?” Diane asked.

“Not likely, but maybe it’ll buy us some time.”

They moved as fast as they could down the hallway to its end and opened another door. The kitchen was across from the cafeteria.

“How do we get out of here?” Ray asked.

“We have to take the main hall out,” Diane answered.

“But that way will lead us right past him,” Ray growled.

“I’m sorry, Ray. This place wasn’t designed for eluding psychos but for keeping them in,” she snapped

Ray knew the ax man was following close behind, and he had to think fast.

“Why hadn’t he grabbed a weapon before he came out here?” he asked himself.

In the cafeteria, Ray frantically looked around for some other way out.

“Maybe we can hide,” Diane suggested.

“That won’t work. He’ll just find us eventually.”

“Did you at least call the police?” Diane asked.

“Yes. They should be here, but I don’t know how long we’ll have to hold out,” Ray said, his eyes darting back and forth as he tried to think of an escape.

Just through the kitchen door he spotted a gaping hole in the wall where the sinks had been torn out and never replaced.

“What’s that?” Ray asked.

“There was a leak, so they had to tear open the wall to replace some old pipes,” Diane answered.

“I have an idea,” Ray said.



*          *            *

The ax man turned and entered the cafeteria through the main hall. He knew there was no escape from this area. They were trapped.

When he stopped, he saw a nurse supporting Herbert Hayes, their bodies pressed against the wall just to the side of the kitchen door. He figured they planned to duck inside, once he got too close. He looked around the room, trying to find Raymond Slats.

“Done hiding?” he asked.

The mask distorted his voice, keeping safe his identity. Besides, if they figured out who he was, they wouldn’t be alive long enough to tell anybody.

“Ray’s coming back, and he’ll stop you,” Diane said, smiling. “It’s too late now. You’re trapped.”

The ax man could see that her smile was forced. She was bluffing. Slats might be looking for a weapon, but he’d be too late. When he raised the pistol, the nurse cowered. Suddenly the lights went out. He could just make out the forms of the nurse and Hayes against the wall. He smirked. They were too scared to react. Hadn’t moved at all.

He knew he’d have to get closer for a clean shot. He watched as the nurse tried to be brave, putting Hayes behind her to face him alone.

“Why do this?” she asked.

“It has to be done. That van should have stayed hidden. It was the only way to guarantee safety,” the ax man answered as he moved closer.

“Safety for whom?” she asked.

The ax man stopped. He was close enough now to shoot. He positioned his hand just in front of the open kitchen door.

“Safety for everyone,” he answered.

“I’m truly sorry,” he said as he pulled back on the hammer.

Suddenly something hard slammed down onto his wrist, knocking the gun to the floor. He heard a crack and grabbed his right hand as he yelled out in pain. Ray stepped out from the kitchen door holding a large pipe like a raised baseball bat.

His gun on the floor, the ax man stepped forward, slamming his shoulder into Ray, and pushed him backwards into the nurse, knocking them both over. He dropped his ax long enough to grab the pistol off the floor with his left hand and tuck it into his pocket. Then he swept up the ax and ran, still holding his throbbing right wrist up to his chest.

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