The Exile: Episode 30

With the two trucks hurtling toward us, I knew our time to react was running out.

“Come on!” I yelled, grabbing the woman and her son and pulling them across the street.

As we reached a narrow ditch on the other side, I ordered,

“Jump over and run! Get out of here!”

When the woman seemed frozen to the spot, I commanded,


“What about you?” she frantically asked.

“Just keep going! I’ll find you!” I assured her.

I wanted to get them clear while I faced the men. Suddenly an idea popped into my head. It wasn’t much of a plan, but I figured there was a small chance it might work. I knew I had to do something.

Standing at the edge of the street with the trucks flying toward me and a deep ditch and woods behind me, I took a careful step back to bring myself closer to the deep rain ditch. This had to be timed perfectly or I was dead. I waited until the lead truck was almost on top of me then fell backwards into the ditch. The truck shot over me and hit the tree, crumpling the hood, while the other truck slammed into its rear. I wiggled out of the ditch and headed for the woods.

As I passed by the two trucks, I saw that the driver of the lead truck looked dead while the one in the back truck was rubbing his bloody forehead. Not a lot of brain cells at work here.

Just inside the tree line, I started running in the direction the woman had gone. If I couldn’t find them, they were on their own. Not much I could do to help. I tried not to draw attention to myself and just kept running, all the while telling myself,

“They’re just ahead. Don’t panic.”

At a small clearing, I stopped, trying to figure out which way to go. When I heard footsteps behind me, thinking it was the woman, I said as I turned around,

“Good. You’re okay.”

“Well that’s mighty nice of you, being so concerned. Mighty nice,” the burly man said as he raised a rifle.

“I don’t know who you are and don’t much care, but I’m going to finish things right now,” he drawled.

“Here we go again,” I thought.

Though out of breath, exhausted, and discouraged, I knew I could not give up.

I waited until the man drew closer then I quickly moved forward, sidestepping the rifle and grabbing it with my right hand.

Then I threw a punch with my left, kicked him in the groin, and brought my left hand down on his hands, releasing the rifle and turning it upwards. As I pointed the rifle at him, the man quickly pulled out a pistol and raised it to fire.

“Nice try,” he sneered.

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