The Cadillac Diaries: Episode 30

Frustrated, Ray made some excuse for calling Stevens and hung up. His next call was to Richard Clay, telling him about the murders of Allison Booth and the two patrol officers.

Later, when Richard was in Booth’s apartment while forensics went over everything, Ray sat outside in the Cadillac, his fists balled in anger.

Almost as angry as Ray, Tyler leaned up against the car.

“He was here. I know he was,” Ray said through clinched teeth.

“Who? Stevens?” Tyler asked.

“Yes. I know he was here,” Ray repeated.

“Not that I disagree with you, Ray,” Tyler said turning around, “but why are you so convinced it’s Stevens? Because he’s the only person who had reason to kill anyone? When the ax man first struck, Stevens was running for mayor. Now he’s the only one left alive, so it’s got to be him.”

“Wait a minute,” Tyler continued. “What about that kid, the crazy one who was obsessed with the ax man?”

“Yeah, I guess he could be involved, but he was too young the first time the axe man struck,” Ray pointed out.

“Maybe that was pulled off by the real ax man, but this is the work of his apprentice. The sequel, as it were,” Tyler said.

“I guess that’s possible,” Ray relented.

“Then again,” Tyler continued, “where did the ax man disappear to?”

“I don’t know, but at least it’s over now,” Ray said.

“You’re giving up?” Tyler asked.

“I’ve never given up. It’s just that there are no more people to kill,” Ray answered.

“There’s Stevens,” Tyler said.

“The ax man won’t go after him. I know he won’t,” Ray said.

“You can’t prove it’s Stevens, Ray,” Tyler said.

“Then what can I do?” Ray snapped in agitation. “Because I know I can’t just let this go.”

“Don’t worry, buddy. We’ll figure something out. He got away the first time, but he’s not getting away again,” Tyler said.

“I will kill him myself if I have to,” Ray threatened.

“Death’s too easy for him. Besides, Ray, then you’d be the murderer,” Tyler pointed out.

“I won’t let Tommy down again,” Ray said. “I will stop him at all costs.”

Pete whimpered and put a paw on Ray’s leg.

“Even Pete knows that’s a bad idea,” Tyler said. “We can’t just kill him, Ray. We have to destroy him first.”

Tyler took in a deep breath and slowly let it out adding,

“Trust me on this.”

“Oh, I’m not going to kill him,” Ray sighed. “I’m just frustrated.”

“There has to be a secret,” Tyler said. “Something we’ve missed.”

“Like what? There are only three people left alive who were part of this case—Tommy, Herbie Hayes, and Stevens,” Ray responded.

“Then we need to step back and look at this case again, from the beginning. Someone has motivation. We just need to figure out who,” Tyler said.

Just then Tyler spotted Richard walking towards them.

“We’re ready if you are,” Richard said.

Ray climbed out of the Cadillac and held the door open while Pete hopped out.

As they followed Richard to Allison Booth’s apartment, Ray asked,

“How’s Deborah doing?”

“She’s worried about you, old man,” Richard responded.

“When is she not?” Tyler said with a laugh.

“She knows this case was always a problem for you, and she’s just worried you’ll get hurt,” Richard explained.

“I know. I know. She’s just like her mother,” Ray smiled.

When they reached the stairs to the apartment, they stopped at the front door.

“This is where it happened,” Richard said. “She opened the door and was shot at close range.”

“I see the killer didn’t take the head this time,” Tyler noticed.

“He didn’t even move the body,” Richard added. “Some officers think it’s a copycat. Others figure you showed up unexpectedly and scared him off.”

“That would explain a few things,” Ray said.

“Like what?” Richard asked.

“Ray has a suspect in mind,” Tyler interjected.

“Dylan Stevens?” Richard asked.

“You think so too?” Ray asked surprised.

“I don’t know who’s guilty yet, Ray. I just know that you called him right after getting here. I hate to say it, but we already checked him out. He has a solid alibi for the time of the shooting,” Richard explained.

“Did you check on the others?” Ray asked.

“I haven’t yet, but I will.”

“Anything else?” Tyler asked.

“Yea, one more thing,” Richard added.

He motioned for someone from forensics to hand him a small evidence bag.

“We found this clutched in her hand,” Richard said. “It’s an address for a sanitarium outside of town. We’re sending units over to—”

Before Richard could finish, Ray was running to the Cadillac with Pete galloping behind.

“Now where’s he off to?” Richard asked confused.

Tyler watched as Ray started up the car, its engine rumbling, and tore off down the street.

“Again?” he grunted.



*          *            *

Ray flew down the highway headed for the edge of town and Green Hill Mental Hospital. His gut told him he didn’t have much time. The axe man had been keeping one step ahead of him, but not this time. He had to get to Herbie Hayes before it was too late. He tried calling the hospital, but no one was answering. He dialed again, this time the nurses’ cell number, and got voicemail. Tossing his cell phone over to the passenger seat and narrowly missing Pete’s head, he yelled,

“What’s the point of having a phone if you never answer it?”

Ray drove out of town without stopping for lights. If a patrol car tried to pull him over, it could just follow him to the hospital. The moon watched overhead as Ray screeched into the hospital’s parking lot, jumped out of the Cadillac, and raced inside.

Flying up to the front desk, he frightened the receptionist busy at work.

“Where is Nurse Hickman?” Ray snapped. “I need to speak with her! It’s an emergency!”

When the startled receptionist began to stammer, Ray yelled,


“Ray?” Nurse Hickman called.

Ray turned to see Diane Hickman slowly walking toward him.

As he ran up to her, she asked, “Is everything okay?”

“No!” Ray responded out of breath. “We need to get to Herbie, now!”

“Why?” Diane asked. “What’s wrong?”

Suddenly the lights flickered and went out. When the emergency generator kicked on, Ray said,

“He’s here.”

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