The Cadillac Diaries: Episode 29

Ray drove mile after mile in silence, letting the wind play havoc with his hair.

It was Tyler who finally spoke.

“What’s on your mind, Ray?”

“Pardon?” Ray asked, giving Tyler a sideways glance.

“You’re mulling over something about this case. I can feel it. Something Booth said back there. Even Pete senses it.”

Ray looked back at Pete. His little body was stretched out across the seat, his head resting on his front paws. When he saw Ray watching him, he lifted his head in anticipation.

“I just have a theory,” Ray said, looking back at the road.

“Let’s hear it,” Tyler responded.

“Well those people were murdered and dumped in that van just before Stevens ran for mayor. Right?”

“Yeah,” Tyler said waiting.

“Who’s to say Stevens wasn’t covering his own tracks, instead of the ax man?” Ray suggested.

“What for?” Tyler asked.

“I don’t know. I’m still working on that part. I just thought of it,” Ray said.

“Because of something Booth said to you?” Tyler asked.

When Ray didn’t respond, Tyler asked,

“What did she say?”

“She said the ax man never killed Connors,” Ray responded.

“Well if he didn’t, then who did?” Tyler asked.

“That’s the question I’m still trying to answer,” Ray said.

Tyler turned the idea over in his mind for a moment before saying,

“So you think Stevens may be pretending to be the ax man.”

Ray nodded.

“And Stevens killed that couple to start the ax man rumors again?” Tyler suggested.

“That’s what I’m thinking,” Ray said.

“That would explain why he wanted to be videoed. He wanted everyone to see the ax man,” Tyler said.

“And why he’s been going after everyone involved in the ax man’s escape,” Ray said.

“He doesn’t want some secret getting out,” Tyler said.

“But what secret?” Ray asked. “That’s where I keep hitting a snag.”

“That’s why you asked for a patrol car to be sent to Booth’s apartment,” Tyler said.

Ray nodded.

When they pulled up outside Pierce’s apartment complex, the police had already roped off the area, keeping everyone back. Spying Ray and Tyler, Richard stepped forward to let them through.

“This is getting worse,” Richard said as they walked toward Pierce’s apartment.

“This one’s brutal, I take it?” Tyler asked.

“No, no more than the others. But we already have three bodies, not counting the ones in the van. Captain’s not happy about all these bodies. He’s breathing down my neck demanding results,” Richard said.

“Did you send the units over to Allison Booth’s apartment?” Ray asked.

“Yes,” Richard said. “Officers Mickey and Travis are outside her place. They can handle themselves should something come up,” Richard assured him.

When they reached Pierce’s apartment, Richard stopped in the doorway.

“Either Pierce was a very trusting person or he knew his killer,” Richard said.

Pointing to the bloodstain on the carpet, Richard said,

“Judging from the wound, he was shot at close range, probably when he opened the door. The shooter entered the apartment, stepping over the body, and closed the door behind him. He removed Pierce’s head but left it behind. Doesn’t look like anything was taken,” Richard explained.

“Detective!” an officer yelled.

“Over here,” Richard answered.

“We just got a 911 call. Someone fitting the description of the ax man was spotted,” the officer said.

“Where?” Richard asked.

After the officer read out the address, Tyler said,

“That’s near where Allison Booth lives.”

“Ray,” Tyler turned. But Ray was already gone.

Taking the stairs two at a time, Tyler reached the bottom step just in time to see the Cadillac pulling out of the parking lot.

“Ray!” Tyler called out.

“I’ll radio ahead,” Richard yelled.



*          *            *

Officers Mickey and Travis sat back in the patrol car and relaxed.

“So you’re named Mickey?” Travis asked.

“Look, new guy, one mouse joke and I’ll shoot you and make it look like an accident.”

Suddenly, the police radio buzzed and dispatch said, “342, what’s your location?”

Travis reached for the radio, giving dispatch the address of Allison Booth’s apartment building.

“Roger, 342. We got a call about a possible. . . .Be on the look out for suspect spotted in the vicinity of. . . .”

Travis acknowledged dispatch’s transmission and replaced the radio in its mount.

“Looks like he may be headed this way,” Mickey said.

Travis looked out the window and after a minute of silence said,

“You know I heard a rumor about you.”

“Really?” Mickey asked.

“Yea, from Sasha in the motor pool.”

“Really?” Mickey said, perking up. “What’d she say?”

“You really want to know?” Travis asked.

“Yes, I really want to know,” Mickey came back.

“She said that you were so fine,” Travis answered with a smile.

“No she didn’t,” Mickey said, a surprise on his face.

“Yep. She said you were so fine you blew her mind,” Travis responded laughing.

Mickey’s face went sour,

“I will shoot you.”

“Hey, what’s that?” Travis asked, pointing out Mickey’s side of the car.

When Mickey turned and looked across the street, he saw a large man standing in the grass holding something heavy in his hand.

“That him?” Travis asked.

At that moment, the man raised the object, resting it on his shoulder, and pointed it towards the car.

“Hey! I’ve played enough video games to know that’s an RPG! Get out of the car now!” Travis yelled.

As they scrambled to exit the vehicle, the man fired the rocket, hitting the car and incinerating it with both officers still inside.

The man then calmly tossed away the used rpg and walked past the burning car up to Allison Booth’s apartment.

When she opened the door, she looked up at him and said,

“You! It’s about time! I deserve—”

But she was cut off as the man raised a gun, firing a bullet into her chest.



*          *            *

Ray pulled up next to the burning police car and shut off the engine. When he saw there was nothing he could do for the police officers, he ran up to Allison Booth’s apartment but suddenly stopped when he saw her dead body lying just inside the doorway. He dropped his head onto his chest, sighed deeply, and reached for his cell phone.

As he dialed Dylan Steven’s number, he said,

“I must have just missed him.”

When the phone answered, Ray immediately asked,

“Dylan Stevens?”

“Yes, Mr. Slats,” Stevens said. “Is everything all right? You sound out of breath.”

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