The Exile: Episode 28

As the third man fell to the cliff floor, he cried out in fear. If these men didn’t report in soon, I figured whoever sent them would send more. I knew I had to move quickly, get the woman and her son to safety. I  would head back to the house where I had left them. Near the edge of the clearing, I saw a 357 revolver lying in the dirt. One of the men had probably dropped when I grabbed his arm. I stooped down and picked it up, tucking it into my back pocket. I knew the 357 was a powerful hand gun, but I was no gunslinger and this wasn’t a western. It would take more than six bullets to save the day.

Going back to the house along the same route was a bad idea. Before the men had followed me, they might have called in and told someone where they were going. I decided to turn left and circle wide around the back of the house. Moving to the edge of the tree line, I bent low to the ground and peered out. Two men were walking around in the backyard.

“What are we doing up here?” one man asked the other. A large man, he wore a cheap silk shirt, unbuttoned halfway down to show an overabundance of gold-plated chains resting on a hairy chest. The sweat on his bald head glistened in the heat.

“The boss said to make sure the woman and her kid don’t escape this way,” answered the other man as he moved toward the tree line. He was a short, muscular man with a small frame.

“But the action is up front. Why we gotta’ wait here for?” silk shirt asked.

His partner stopped not three feet from where I hid in the trees and said in irritation,

“Shut up! If you hadn’t fallen asleep last time, we wouldn’t be doing this.”

When I saw silk shirt turn his head, I  slowly withdrew the revolver from my back pocket and stepped out of the woods. With as much strength as I could muster, I struck the small man across the back of the head and caught him, quickly dragging him into the trees.

“That wasn’t my fault,” silk shirt said.

When his partner didn’t respond, silk shirt called,


He cautiously moved closer to the trees and called again.

“Jake, you in there?”

As soon as silk shirt was within my reach, I answered his question with the revolver. Pressing the weapon to his forehead, I led him backward to the nearest tree.

“It’s you,” silk shirt said. “The boss has been looking for you.”

“Who’s the boss?” I asked.

“Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell you,” silk shirt said as his back hit the tree.

“Too bad,” I said.

When I kicked him in the side of the knee, taking out his leg, he fell to the ground.

“Sorry about this,” I apologized.

As silk shirt grabbed his leg, trying to stand, I reached down and knocked him out with the butt of the gun.

After slipping the revolver into my pocket, I ran to the back porch. Taking two steps at a time, I hit the porch and flung open the door.

The woman and her son jumped at the sudden intrusion, and the mother turned her back to me, covering her son’s body.

“It’s okay. It’s just me,” I said, trying to reassure them.

“We’ve got to get out of here fast! Hurry! We don’t have much time,” I warned.

In the distance, I could hear the thwap-thwap-thwap of an approaching helicopter.

“Not much time at all,” I added.

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