The Cadillac Diaries: Episode 22

Tyler and Ray followed Richard back into the house. The air was filled with a sickening mixture of summer berries and blood. Just inside the doorway, Tyler grabbed Ray’s arm to stop him.

“Won’t our being in here taint the crime scene?” he asked his son.

“No, that’s one of the reasons I asked you to wait. Forensics has finished its sweep, and we can enter freely now. But don’t touch anything just in case,” Richard instructed.

“What about him?” Ray asked, pointing down to Pete who had followed him from the Cadillac. Pete stood beside Ray, his brown eyes filled with hope as his tail wagged back and forth.

“He can’t come in here,” Richard said. “This is a crime scene.”

“He won’t listen,” Tyler told Richard.

“He has to. Like I said, this is a crime scene,” Richard insisted. “Ray, I don’t care what you think. Pete can’t come in.”

Tyler leaned closer to Richard and explained.

“I didn’t mean Ray.”

“Then who?” Richard asked, just before glancing down at Pete. The Jack Russell looked up, his eyes wide with curiosity as he sniffed the air.

Richard rolled his eyes.

“Please. He’s just a dog.”

Richard pointed his finger at Pete and said in a stern voice,


Pete turned his head one way then another, inspecting the house.

“Stay!” Richard repeated.

After a moment, Pete sat back on his haunches and pulled in his tongue.

Richard nodded at this small victory and straightened up.

“Won’t listen, huh,” he said proudly.

He turned around and continued into the house. As Ray followed, he felt Pete trotting alongside.

Smiling to himself, Ray thought, “That’s my boy.”

Richard led them into the bedroom where the beheaded bodies of a man and woman lay in the bed, their arms encircling each other.

The sheets were soaked with blood.

Richard walked over to the bed and stopped, turning around to face Ray and Tyler.

“Both victims were shot and killed,” he said trailing off when he saw Pete sitting happily next to Ray.

“Told you,” Tyler said when he saw that Richard had spotted Pete.

Richard shook his head trying to focus.

“Looks like she was killed in the bed before he got here,” Richard indicated. “Then he was shot over here near the wall, notice the blood spatter, and both bodies were decapitated on the carpet.”

He pointed to a spot covered in plastic.

“How were they beheaded?” Ray asked.

Richard paused then remembering what Garland had said answered,

“Based on the pattern of tearing and the damage done to the floor, looks like the killer used an axe.”

Ray nodded his understanding.

“That’s not the disturbing part though,” Richard continued.

“What do you mean?” Tyler asked.

“She had the webcam on,” he said, pointing to a laptop that was sitting open on a nearby desk.

“You mean—?” Tyler began.

“We got the entire murder on video. She was recording,” Richard said.

“Kinky,” Ray said.

“No, Ray. The man, one Logan Marison, was cheating on his wife with the woman here, Audrey Blackston. Miss Blackston may have been tired of hiding, so she decided to film their afternoon fling and expose the affair. But look at this.”

Richard walked over to the laptop.

“I moved ahead to the part after the murders, after the ax man put the bodies in the bed.”

Richard hit the spacebar and the screensaver blinked off as the video started. A man dressed in black wearing a black knit mask and goggles laid the last body on the bed and took the time to arrange the bodies in an embrace. Then he reached over and picked up a large plastic bag, weighted by its contents, and stood up resting a bloodied axe on his right shoulder. He walked towards the door then stopped and turned around to face the laptop. After staring at the camera for a long moment, he moved out of sight. Richard stopped the video and turned to Ray and Tyler.

“Did you see that?” he asked.

“He checked the room to see if he left anything,” Tyler said.

“Yes. That means he may have left something behind,” Richard said hopefully.

“That’s not it,” Ray said.

“What?” Tyler asked, looking over at Ray

“He wasn’t giving the room a once over,” Ray explained. “He was looking right at the laptop.”

“Why in the world would he look right at the camera and not stop it?” Richard asked.

“Because he wants us to know that he’s aware of us. He wants us to see his face and know that it’s him,” Ray said.

“Why would he want that?” Richard asked.

“Because that’s who he is,” Dylan Stevens said stepping into the room.

Careful to avoid the blood on the floor, Stevens stopped and looked at the monitor.

“I don’t know how well you remember things, Clay,” Stevens said to Tyler, “but Christopher Stuart was a savage.”

“I remember him being a quiet, reserved person,” Richard said.

“That was how he was before prison. The day after he was locked up, the inmates went nuts, attacking him at every turn. He even got a few death threats. Something inside him snapped. After his escape, the inmates settled down,” Stevens explained.

Ray opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by Pete’s low growl, his hair ruffling as he faced the mayor.

“What’s that dog doing in here?” Stevens demanded.

“Sorry about his manners. He’s just in a bad mood,” Ray joked. “What happened that evening?” Ray quickly asked, trying to divert the mayor’s attention.

“The day he escaped?” Stevens asked.

“Yes,” Ray replied.

“It was a day I will never forget, I can tell you that much,” Stevens said, a grave look on his face.

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