Dragon Fire: Episode 22

Aric raised his hand, motioning for the woman to be still, but she would not heed his warning and asked aloud,

“What is that noise?”

The only answer was a deep guttural bellow and the sound of men screaming.

“I fear death follows my comrade,” Aric said as he scrambled up the wall.

The battered gates held as guards fought back the skeletons ruthlessly wielding their swords. One guard, driven into a corner, struggled to defend himself against a dead soldier whose head lay sideways on the ground while the body attacked with its severed arm. Though highly trained, the guards, weakened by fear, were losing the battle.

“I will know what this noise is!” the woman demanded as she joined Aric on the wall.

“Believing me captive, my traveling companion, somewhat of a necromancer, has set his small army against your men.”

“Aric,” she snapped, “if he destroys my army, I will see that you become one of his!”

“I am truly sorry,” Aric said as the woman slipped down from the wall.

Dropping down beside her, Aric said, “I did not think our fight would go on this long, Elisabeth.”

“No excuses,” she snapped. “Come.”

Aric shook his head, a smile crossing his lips as he gazed upon his childhood friend. Years ago, someone had brought him ill news of her death at her own hands. Aric was surprised and pleased to see that she still lived.

When one of the undead shuffled towards Elisabeth, she boldly charged. Dropping to her back, she slid towards him and kicked his legs out, catching the creature’s head on her saber. When she pulled the head free, she heard a faint wet, ripping sound.

Rolling free of the corpse, she tossed the head aside with a proud smile.

“Not quite,” Aric said, pointing to the now headless corpse.

When Elisabeth turned, she saw the headless body slowly began to rise.

“This is of the devil,” she warned.

“These creatures,” Aric said diving in and quickly dismembering the corpse, “are fostered by black magic, not by an alchemist’s brew or deity’s will. They are nothing more than puppets of a powerful and uncontrolled black magic.”

“Then let us simply kill the sorcerer,” Elisabeth suggested.

“That may prove more dangerous,” Aric said.

“I do not understand,” Elisabeth protested as she sliced a corpse in half and stood on its back to keep it still.

“We do not know what may happen if all the magic is unleashed,” Aric said.

“Then what are we to do?” Elisabeth asked.

“We will find the caster and make him end this. It is the only way,” Aric said.

“As you say,” Elisabeth remarked.

“We must get beyond the city gates,” Aric yelled as he swung at two more corpses

Just then the gate flew open and a black figure, towering far above their heads, entered the city. Wrapped in a shadowy substance, it raised his arms and roared as a dark energy radiated from its center.

Staring at the figure in disbelief, Elisabeth said, “Now we must get past that.”

As Aric scanned the walls, searching for the safest route over, Degan stepped through the gate, his eyes and body glowing with the dark energy.

“He is the castor,” Aric told Elisabeth. “Look at his eyes.”

Her eyes fixed on Degan, Elisabeth seemed confused.

“Do you remember nothing that Brother Egil taught us? Magic comes from something deeper. The more you use it, the more of you it consumes. Look at him,” Aric said.

They saw that Degan and the black figure moved in unison.

“The power he used to summon that creature has taken over his mind. We must kill it to restore his control. Then he will stop the others,” Aric explained.

“And how do we kill it?” Elisabeth questioned.

Aric looked around and asked,

“Do you have oil near the gate for sieges?”

“Of course,” Elisabeth said.

“One of us must draw the creature’s attention while the other pours oil over it. Setting fire to the oil should kill it,” Aric said.

“I will get the oil,” Elisabeth said as she turned away.

“Of course. Take the easy job,” Aric yelled.

“I knew you would see things my way,” Elisabeth shouted back.

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