The Exile: Episode 21

As I thanked the postal clerk, I opened the envelope to find a DVD.

“Do you have some place I might watch this?” I asked, holding up the DVD.

The clerk led Carmen and me to a private room and a DVD player.

Starting up the player, I closed the door and sat down. After a few moments, a camera clicked on with a blank white wall in the background. Dorothy stepped in front of the camera and sat down, brushing her radiant auburn hair behind one ear, just as she had always done when she was nervous.

“Wesley,” she said in a voice that was both soft and loud at the same time, “I’m not sure whom else I can talk to about this. Something has come up in the course of my investigation into Kingston Financial. I found something that I still find hard to believe. I can’t say much about it right now; I want to get more information first. But believe me, Wesley, it’s big! I’m sorry to bring you into this, but should something happen to me. . .Well, I don’t know who else I can trust.”

Dorothy looked away from the camera, seemingly distracted for a moment, then turned back to the camera and began whispering.

“There is one person I can trust enough to hold onto the document, but you’ll need to pick up where I left off should something happen to me. His address is written on a piece of paper inside the envelope with this DVD. Wesley, be careful! I love you very much.”

The DVD went blank, and Carmen looked inside the envelope as I shut off the player and removed the DVD.

“Here it is,” Carmen said, holding out a small piece of paper.

I took the note and read it. After a long moment, I said,

“If you’re coming with me, we have to go. I want to find the people who caused this.”

I stood up and tucked the envelope into my jacket pocket.

*          *            *

The address on the paper led to a large estate with a black iron gate that opened onto a brick courtyard complete with a fountain and picturesque landscaped gardens. The cab circled the fountain and stopped in front. Paying the driver with the last of my cash, I thanked him and walked up to the front door. Carmen reached out and rang the doorbell.

“Any idea who lives here?” Carmen asked.

“No. The paper had only an address. No name. Hopefully, we won’t need an appointment,” I said.

The door opened to reveal a young man dressed in butler attire. He smiled politely and said,


“Wesley Graves,” I said. “I’m here—.”

“This way, please,” the butler interrupted.

“The master of the house has heard of you and Ms. Dorothy and wishes to see you right away.”

Although I felt a bit uneasy, I followed him.

The butler led us upstairs to a large office. Sitting at an expensive antique desk was a man whose face was completely covered by the pages of the newspaper he was reading. The butler indicated two chairs, and turning to the man behind the desk said,

“Your guest has arrived.”

Without waiting for a response, the butler promptly left the room. As we took our chairs, the man laid aside the newspaper and looked at me.

With a broad smile, Jackson asked,

“Now was that trip truly necessary?”

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