The Train: Episode 6

Jason Vargas sat at his desk turning the pages of a comic book as Gibson, his accountant, ran over the figures.

“Here’s one that’s refusing to pay the rent.”

Vargas looked up from the book and asked,

“How much does he owe us?”

“Twelve thousand,” Gibson replied.

“Burn his place to the ground and find some kid to blame,” Vargas ordered.

“Yes sir,” Gibson answered.

“What about the election candidates?” Vargas asked.

“Officer Dillon took care of Easton. We just have to find somebody else in the clerk’s office,” Gibson explained.

“And there were no witnesses?” Vargas asked.

“No sir. Building burned down last night. That covered the scene. Happy accident,” Gibson said.

“Good,” Vargas said shaking his head and returning to the comic book.

Suddenly there was a loud, frantic pounding at the door.

“What the. . . .See to that, Gibson. I’m trying to concentrate,” Vargas said as he leaned back in his chair.

Gibson quickly ran over to the door and flung it open.

“Quiet!” he snapped at the figure standing there.

A frightened man pushed past Gibson and ran up to the desk.

“Sir, there’s an emergency,” he said.

Vargas, without looking up from his comic book barked,

“Who is this person, and why is he breathing on my desk?”

“This is Kermit Roland,” Gibson said, pulling Roland away from the desk. “He’s one of your collectors.”

Roland twisted out of Gibson’s grip and almost yelled, “We have a problem. This guy came into the office and killed Gus, just shot him point blank. Then he pointed the barrel at me and told me he knows all about The Terminal Hotel fire and the Easton murder.”

Vargas stopped in mid-page turn, and slowly his eyes moved up to Roland’s face.

“He must be bluffing. That’s not possible,” Vargas protested.

“He told me to tell you that some police officer held a 38 special to the back of Easton’s head, said ‘Wrong answer, Easton’ then pulled the trigger,” Roland said breathlessly.

“This guy. He give you a name?” Vargas asked.

“He said his name was Roth. He moved quick. I left Gus back there and took off. I figured he might kill me too if I didn’t get out of there fast,” Roland said.

Vargas put down the comic and slowly brought his fingertips together.

“Uh huh. And what does this Roth want?” he asked, eyebrows raised.

“He said he wanted money, and if you don’t pay his price, he’ll destroy you,” Roland said.

As he stood, Vargas sucked in air and slowly let it out.

“Do you know how difficult it is to start off with nothing and turn a low, rat-infested club into a small empire?”  Vargas asked Roland.

Roland stood silently trembling in fear.

“And then to turn that acquired fortune into a political goldmine? The only way to do that, you see, is to have a candidate in my pocket. But I won’t know who to buy until I have the winner. And in order to do that, I have to know who is running before anyone else. That’s where true power lies—in knowledge. And with that knowledge, I take over and crush anyone in my way.”

Vargas lifted a pen from the desktop and wrapped his right arm around Roland’s shoulder.

“But I cannot achieve my dreams if you continue to do stupid things,” Vargas said as he stabbed Roland, plunging the pen into his stomach.

“Roth, if he exists, probably followed you here!” Vargas yelled as Roland clutched at the bleeding wound in his stomach.

Vargas grabbed the back of Roland’s neck and turned him around, forcing him toward the door as Gibson hurried to open it.

“Get to the hospital, and keep your mouth shut! I wouldn’t tell the doctor how you got that wound. I’d hate to have to skin you and butcher your family,” Vargas smiled, patting Roland on the back.

As Roland stumbled out the door, he ran into a blonde waitress walking by. Startled by his bleeding stomach, she quickly moved her long lovely legs out of his way.

“Excuse me ma’am,” Vargas said in a velvet voice as his eyes slid up and down her body.

“Excusez-moi monsieur,” the waitress responded and hurried away.

Vargas very much liked what he saw.

“We have French waitresses?” he asked, watching her until she disappeared.

“I, I do not know sir,” Gibson stammered.

“Doesn’t matter,” Vargas said. “Empty the building then torch it.”


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